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Primion products for secure access management

Access control software is indispensable for effectively regulating access to certain areas. With its help, the security of companies, organisations and public institutions is guaranteed. Regardless of whether you want to regulate access for visitors to your company, you wish to manage and control the access rights of employees centrally or you need to integrate individual doors into an existing access control system at a later date: The Primion product solutions have been developed for a wide range of applications.

With the help of modern access control software, even sensitive areas in companies and institutions can be monitored, controlled and managed.

  • prime WebAccess

    Manage and control access rights in your company via a central user interface.

  • prime KeyTechnology

    Secure individual areas and doors with cylinders and door fittings – even retrofitted!

  • MyPrimion Wallet App

    Get your individual access rights for mobile access control on your smartphone via the app.

  • prime Visit

    Combine your visitor management with the access control software and keep an overview.


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At a glance – the advantages of modern access control software

  • Precise management of access authorisations
  • Efficient control of the flow of people
  • Reliable logging of access events
  • Flexible integration with other systems (time and attendance, security management or existing access control systems)

Indispensable: Areas of application for access control software from Primion

Company buildings and offices

By using access cards, RFID transponders, mobile data or other identification methods, the software enables authorised persons to gain access to certain rooms. Non-authorised persons are denied access. This significantly minimises the risk of theft, vandalism or other unwanted incidents.

Industry and research

With the help of modern access control software, you can not only control access to specific production areas or laboratories. You can also use it to regulate site access. Ensure that only authorised persons are allowed to enter specific work areas with special security or confidentiality requirements.

Public facilities and CRITIS

By closely monitoring access, you can ensure the protection of sensitive areas such as hospital wards, archives or research facilities. At the same time, you can efficiently manage the flow of people, which is particularly beneficial in heavily frequented facilities.

Maximum security through minimum risk

Whether employees, customers, suppliers or visitors: Companies, authorities and public institutions record a large number of accesses every day. With modern access control software, you minimise potential security risks and can concentrate on your core business. You ensure the safety of people and protect confidential data and technology.

Primion access control software integrates seamlessly with existing security systems such as escape and rescue route control, video surveillance or fire alarm systems. All access rights can be managed centrally. You have full control over user profiles, schedules and access restrictions.

Put your company's security policies into practice – flexibly and efficiently.

How modern is your access control? – Contact us to find an individual solution together!

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