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The most precious resource of a company? – The employees! Good personnel deployment scheduling is the prerequisite for making optimal use of the workforce and its know-how, increasing productivity and ensuring employee satisfaction. Many companies already use electronic personnel scheduling with modern software such as prime PEP from primion. Prevent staff shortages, deploy your employees in a targeted manner and reduce administrative costs at the same time!

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In the right place at the right time - with targeted workforce scheduling

Do you manage duty rosters and building schedules in hospitals, for plant security or for the fire brigade? The primion PEP solutions are ideal for demanding personnel requirements planning with changing duty and shift schedules. – So that you have an overview at all times of which employee is available for which duty!  

With the primion prime PEP software for your personnel scheduling, you can schedule individual employees in a capacity-oriented, needs-based and building-specific manner.  

Deploy your staff according to their skills and availability. Avoid idle time and unnecessary overtime in your company with effective personnel requirements planning.

With intelligent and flexible workforce scheduling, you have an overview at all times and can meaningfully control and evaluate duty rosters and building schedules.

At a glance - workforce scheduling with primion:

  • Fast and effective personnel scheduling of existing employee resources
  • Reduced error rate when creating duty rosters, shift plans or staff schedules  
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction through a high level of planning accuracy
  • Avoidance of idle time and costly overtime
  • Fast reaction to fluctuating workloads in shift planning
  • Reduced planning times through simplified work processes
  • Quick familiarisation with the software interface
  • Permanent cost controlling through clear user interfaces
  • Return on investment within a few months
  • Compliance with legal requirements

More planning quality and less administrative effort

Demand-oriented workforce scheduling supports your company's business processes by providing sound information for decision-making. With solutions from primion, you can create personnel scheduling for your employees manually or automatically. The scheduling for duties and shifts, functions or building-related tasks can take into account employee preferences, such as flexible working time models.  

You can also integrate vehicles and equipment into your deployment planning and arrange for automatic subsequent duty scheduling. Thanks to modern staff scheduling, the controlling department in the company has a complete overview of staff requirements, fixed duty times, staff absence times, on-call times or special tasks at all times.  

As an employer, you need to plan staff deployment with foresight in order to prevent staff shortages and make the best possible use of capacities. Staff scheduling also plays an important role in important personnel decisions, such as recruiting.

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