Software prime Visit for your Modern Visitor Management

prime Visit is a modular software for the automation of your visitor management

The application is based on the latest technology standards, is intuitive and user-friendly. prime Visit is a standalone module that can be linked to the access control software. This offers additional benefits, such as defining visitors' access rights using access groups and providing an overview of visitors' whereabouts in defined areas, which facilitates emergency scenarios in the event of an evacuation.

The application is completely browser based

and therefore runs on any PC platform (Microsoft, Linux and Mac OS X). It can run on all leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge and is also available as a SaaS solution. prime Visit is available in 19 languages. The application is built around three main menu items: Visits, Visitors and Hosts (employees). Visits are defined and managed in the menu.

Brochure prime Visit

Our solution for your professional visitor management.

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With prime Visit, the quick and easy registration of your visitors / contractors / temporary employees / drivers, etc. DSGVO-compliant is ensured:

  • Integration of Microsoft Outlook for easy management of visitor invitations incl. pre-registration
  • Manual check-in / check-out or automatic data entry with QR code scanner
  • Manual handling and documentation of visits and events
  • Self-registration option / kiosk mode for personal and unobserved data entry
  • Automated lobby check-in with scanner for verification of all official documents with MRZ code
  • Easy registration of visitor groups
  • Printing of QR codes for visitors' identification document with security instructions and site plan

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