prime Visit: The Modern Visitor Management Software

Automate your visitor management with Primion

For the best impression and for maximum security: With prime Visit, you optimise access for all visitors to your company, maintain an overview and ensure a professional and personal reception.  

Raise your security standards to a new level: The primion application is based on the latest technologies. The result: intuitive, user-friendly visitor management software that has a modular structure and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

As a stand-alone module, prime Visit can be ideally linked with prime WebAccess, the software for access control. This offers additional advantages. You can define access rights for visitors using access groups and obtain an overview of the whereabouts of guests in defined areas – important for evacuation in an emergency scenario!

Meet your security requirements and optimise your visitor management with Primion!

The visitor management software from Primion

prime Visit: Intuitiv and userfriendly

  • Integration of Microsoft Outlook for easy management of visitor invitations incl. pre-registration
  • Visitor management software is available in 19 languages
  • Manual check-in/check-out of guests or automatic data entry with QR code scanner
  • Manual handling and documentation of visits and events
  • Self-registration option (kiosk mode) for personal data entry
  • Automated lobby check-in with scanner for checking all official documents with MRZ code
  • Easy registration of visitor groups
  • Printout of QR codes for visitor badges with safety instructions and site plan

Whether visitors, contractors, temporary workers or drivers: prime Visit ensures the quick and easy registration of your guests at all times in compliance with GDPR.

The prime Visit visitor management system is completely browser-based and therefore runs on any PC platform (Microsoft, Linux and Mac OS X). The visitor management software can be run on all leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Additionally, it is also available as a SaaS solution.

Cloud solutions

For even more flexibility:
Use the visitor management software as a

SaaS solution

At a glance – the advantages of prime Visit

  • Improved security: Real-time overview of who is in the company, where the person is and for what reason they are visiting – crucial for emergency situations requiring evacuation.  
  • Individual user customisation: Freely definable user levels (roles).
  • Compliance: Internal and external including security and logistics guidelines.
  • Complete overview: Instantly available accurate reports on the presence of people in your organisation at any given time.
  • Professional greetings: Individual, personal greetings including comprehensive information on location and parking facilities as well as explanation of access procedures.
  • Presence check of hosts: Are the appropriate employees on the premises, are they informed as hosts about the arrival of visitors via email and/or SMS?
  • Best scalability: Easily adaptable for companies of any size with central database management.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Surface

Brochure prime Visit

The Primion solution for professional visitor management.

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