Access Control, Time & Attendance and Hazard Management - for all industries and all requirements

We secure your business processes with freely scalable solutions

  • Independent of industry and company size
  • Individually configurable systems
  • Protect goods and merchandise from unauthorised access or manipulation
  • Record and process working time data in a simple and user friendly
  • Protect people and assets reliably
  • Automate emergency scenarios
  • Airports

    Saftety and security is a key issue at the airport.


  • Critical infrastructures

    Avoid supply bottlenecks and breakdowns permanently.

  • Industry

    Preventing manipulation and spying with security concepts.


  • Trade & Logistics

    Comprehensive safety monitoring for all critical areas.

  • Healthcare

    All-round carefree solutions for hospitals and rehabilitation centres.


  • Other industries

    Our solutions are independent of industry and company size.


Certification as "Safe Consignor"

Our systems for hazard management and access control enable certification as a "Secure Shipper" in accordance with the German Federal Aviation Authority.


Mobile solutions for data control on the move

In many fields, mobile solutions make sense. Thanks to the free scalability of our systems for hazard management, access control, time recording and security technology, we can adapt our solutions to your requirements. This also applies to visitor management and workforce scheduling.

Ask us - we support you in securing your complex business processes.


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