Integration and expansion options for access control

Thanks to the standard web browser prime WebAccess can be integrated easily, quickly and comprehensively, expanded as required and networked with other time recording or security solutions - even with existing systems. The subsequent installation of online/offline solutions pKT is also possible.

Integration into Time Recording Systems

By using a common database, an existing access control system can be extended by prime WebTime or an existing time recording system can be extended by prime WebAccess. Personnel master data and peripherals do not have to be entered again. With integrated time recording and access control systems, it is sufficient to enter the personnel data record once.

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Modern time and attendance solutions with workflows for all industries

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Integration into visitor management

The prime Visit software for visitor management is the ideal complement. With prime Visit, time-limited access to a defined area is reliably monitored. The activities during the visitor's stay can be tracked at any time while at the same time complying with internal or legal regulations and avoiding possible damage.


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Our solution for professional visitor management

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Integration Alarming with pSM

The more different information from the most diverse technologies comes together within a building, the higher the number of technical and human interfaces. The management and evaluation of necessary information and a timely reaction to hazard scenarios are made considerably more difficult. If there are several buildings to be monitored, possibly locally decentralised, this increases the complexity several times over. Solutions to this problem are offered by hazard management systems such as pSM, which allow the receipt of data and messages from a wide range of technologies as well as their centralised management and visualisation in compressed form on a single user interface, thus enabling centralised alerting.

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Our solution for intelligent security management

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