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Access Control - Time Recording - Hazard Management

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primion is numbered amongst Europe’s leading companies for comprehensive and secure solutions that use the latest technologies and that meet the highest security demands.


It starts with planning and consultation. Initially, a needs analysis gives answers to the question as to which Access control, Time recording or Risk management solution you really need? Our on-site project management then analyses the local circumstances and smooths the way for the subsequent installation, avoiding the possibility for unpleasant surprises later on. And at all times, you have a competent contact person available to give you help and advice.


Installation is the next step. The software and hardware that we have developed is installed and commissioned at your location by our own, trained expert staff. Our comprehensive service network ensures 360° support before, during and after commissioning. 


Even after the sale is complete, you will be supported by members of primion’s own in-house Support Team, not from a Service Hotline located overseas. 

You have access to our own, trained staff to address and answer any issues you may have about support and maintenance. And if you would like to have a training course, we will organise this in consultation with you and we will carry it out ourselves.

Our software and hardware is developed and produced in-house at the highest level.


Electronic locking systems from OPERTIS 

By integrating the Opertis GmbH solutions, we have expanded our product portfolio with additional components for electronic locking systems. Further information: