Digital Time & Attendance Solutions for Companies

Record working hours on all devices, regardless of location

Make it easy for your employees to record working hours including overtime and breaks – through the possibilities of digital time recording! With the help of modern time and attendance software, all functions are automated: At the start of work, employees clock in at the terminal. If they are on the road or are working from home, this is done mobile via tablet or smartphone or via the home PC. Time sheets and time clocks are now a thing of the past!

prime WebTime for digital working time recording

One software for all cases: prime WebTime records and controls the presence or absence of your employees. Hours worked and overtime per month are evaluated and transferred to the HR department for payroll accounting.

The recorded data serves as the basis for statistics and evaluations and can, for example, be used for project-related post-calculations through the module for shop floor data collection.

The originator-based accounting and the switching of employees between different time models are reliably mapped.

With the functions of prime WebTime you can:

  •  Keep track of attendances and absences
  •  Evaluate and account for hours worked
  •  Document overtime
  •  Create statistics and evaluations (day/month/year)
  •  Manage different working time models
  •  Record times subject to surcharges
  •  Transfer data directly into the system
  •  Link time recording to an access control system
  •  Comply with legal regulations

Modern time and attendance systems map different working time models:

Bookings or clocking in and out can be made at time recording terminals – such as here at the Advanced Data Terminal (ADT) 1110, ADT 1120 and ADT 1130, on a PC or via the mobile app for smartphones – for example, for field staff or when working from home. Extensive expansion modules are available.

Accelerate processes through modern tools and interface connection

Digital time and attendance systems offer both employees and you as an employer far-reaching advantages. Not only are working hours recorded, but project time recording, for example for post-calculations, is also facilitated. In addition, hours, breaks, etc. are directly transmitted to the payroll department through the interface connection and the staff there are significantly relieved in the monthly payroll accounting.

SAP interface for time recording

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Software and Co. for time recording: scalable and ECJ-compliant

Integrate digital time recording in your company and benefit from the advantages and transparency in the recording of working hours, the breaks to be taken and holiday administration - no matter whether you employ five or 5,000 staff! At the same time, as an employer, comply with the current regulations and legal rulings for the recording of working time in your country and in accordance with the ECJ ruling.

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