New Work: Challenges and Solutions

New Work scenarios with work from home, shared desks, coworking as well as time- and location-independent work influence established structures and demand new flexible and transparent processes. Despite a – sometimes enforced – physical distance, employers must ensure digital proximity.

Primion systems map these new working models in a reliable and user-friendly way.

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What is New Work actually?

The activity determines the place of work

The ties to fixed workplaces and working hours are eliminated. The focus is on the jointly achieved result. Agile working methods such as SCRUM bring new requirements. The working environment is adapted to physical, mental and emotional needs.

Work must be meaningful and sustainable

Teamwork is gaining in importance, fixed structures are dissolving. Project work, in which everyone can contribute their strengths, comes into focus. Life and work should be in harmony. Flexible working hours and workplaces form the new everyday life. The employer must represent values with which the employee can identify.

Modern management culture

Employees can determine their own performance goals. They take on more responsibility, work agilely and autonomously. Structures and processes are streamlined and leadership at eye level enables new forms of cooperation with shorter decision-making processes.

The focus is on results

Flexible time accounts and a high degree of time autonomy form the interface between compulsory presence in the company and mobile working. Only company agreements set limits here. In Germany, the Working Hours Protection Act regulates the maximum number of working hours permitted.

Keeping an overview with MyPrimion App and prime WebTime

When working from home, bookings can be made via the web application or the mobile app just as user-friendly and clear as on a PC.

The user can book independently of working time and location, and the employer can comply with and document the legal requirements for recording working time.

Clear advantages for new working models

  • Interfaces to wage and salary programmes, such as SAP, provide support in accounting and evaluation.
  • Various evaluations are possible: for example, you can track at any time who was in the office on which day and at what times.
  • Planning in advance of the days you will work from home
  • Different booking types: Booking of a home office day for regular working hours or detailed "coming" and "going" bookings with the option "home office".
  • The availability of the employee is clearly visible.
  • Evaluations of the total number of home office days taken on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Countdown when exceeding the number of allowed working days from home.
  • Overview of who is currently working from home through "Request and Approval" workflow.
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