New Working Models: Digital Time Recording at any place at any time

  • Plan home office days in advance.
  • Different booking types possible:
  •    1. booking of a home office day for regular working hours.
       2. detailed "coming" and "going" bookings with the "home office" option: availability of the employee is clearly visible.
  • Home office bookings via the web application or mobile.
  • Evaluations of the total number of home office days taken on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Countdown when the number of allowed home office days is exceeded.
  • Overview of who is currently working from home through "request and approval" workflow.

Keeping track with prime Mobile and prime WebTime

The number of employees working from home has risen sharply. More and more people will continue to favor this working model in the future - regardless of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

New Working Models will change the world of work. Working when and where the employee wants is a trend that employers need to address.

With our software for working time recording, we support you in the changing business processes.

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