Reliable Safety Technology for Operators of Critical Infrastructures

Targeted protection for plants and facilities – with innovative Primion know-how

Operators of critical infrastructures provide essential services of high quality and stability that are absolutely necessary for the supply of the population.

As their products or services are of the highest importance for a functioning society, the risk and security management of these CRITIS companies must meet correspondingly high requirements.

The aim of Primion systems is to make the best possible contribution to the protection of critical infrastructures – with solutions for targeted access control and with comprehensive hazard management.

Identify risks, avert dangers, comply with security standards

As an operator of a CRITIS organisation, Primion actively supports you with innovative security concepts to secure and provide the foundations for the functioning of our society and, in particular, to meet the requirements of the German Security Act and the German CRITIS Ordinance. In order to identify risks at an early stage and to be able to avert dangers to critical infrastructures quickly and reliably, emergency scenarios and follow-up processes must be centrally controlled in an automated manner.

With the prime SecurityManagement (pSM) software developed by Primion – a so-called "Physical Security Information Management System" – all relevant processes are automatically initiated in the event of security incidents:

  • Blocking access to hazardous areas
  • Closing of locks
  • Opening emergency doors
  • Alerting emergency services
  • Notification of all responsible persons in the company

The result: hazards or the failure of systems are quickly recognised, the consequences are reduced to a minimum and all processes are clearly documented for later analysis.

Sustainable and worthwhile investment

Are you the operator of a plant or facility whose services belong to the CRITIS sectors? Based on the sector-dependent thresholds, have you as a plant operator been classified as critical infrastructure by the BSI? Protect your process and supply chains against sabotage, intrusion, fire and other serious disruptions with solutions from Primion. An investment that pays off from the very first moment – for your business processes and values and for the security of supply to our society.

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Critical infrastructures and digitalisation – fit for the future thanks to Primion software

Increasing digitalisation and the resulting increasing networking of various organisations and systems also affects critical infrastructures. Strong interdependencies – especially between the energy sector and other sectors such as health or transport and traffic – require considerable security measures. For example, a failure in the energy sector would cause the power supply in facilities such as hospitals to collapse and endanger patient care. Petrol pumps at petrol stations would no longer function, trucks could no longer be refuelled – the transport system would be massively affected.

Innovative security solutions for scalable hazard management

Through innovative security solutions from primion for comprehensive scalable hazard management with automated workflows, you as an operator can make a significant contribution to maintaining the protection of our social structures!

In Germany, the following sectors are considered to be CRITIS:  

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Food
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Health
  • Finance and Insurance  
  • Transport and Traffic  
  • Media and Culture
  • Municipal Waste Management  
  • Government and administration

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) defines sector-dependent thresholds in its BSI CRITIS Ordinance (BSI-KRITISV) – these form the basis for whether a company or organisation is classified as a critical infrastructure.

Maintaining process and supply chains

CRITIS companies are subject to particularly high security standards in order to maintain process and supply chains at all times and, for example, to protect facilities for energy or water supply or health care in hospitals from failure. In combination with the BSI Security Act, the CRITIS Ordinance (KRITISV) defines minimum security standards that operators of critical infrastructures must meet.

Innovative all-in-one solution for reliable protection

Without electricity there can be no industrial production, without drinking water and food there can be no functioning community, without information and communication technology there can be no banking business: security incidents in critical infrastructures can have significant consequences.

Comprehensive and scalable security and hazard management systems from Primion protect these companies and organisations against a wide range of threats.

The risk management software pSM provides a bundled overview of the entire security management – with just one software application! A highly efficient all-in-one solution that innovatively and sustainably prevents supply bottlenecks and minimises disruptions to public safety caused by sabotage or other critical security incidents.

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