Reliable Security Systems for operators of critical infrastructures

Operators of critical infrastructures provide essential services of high quality and stability that are absolutely necessary for the supply of the community.

Avoid disruptions to public safety

Our innovative and sustainable security solutions prevent supply bottlenecks and minimize disruptions to public safety or other dramatic interventions, such as sabotage. primion supports you in securing and providing the foundations for the functioning of our society.

Without electricity, there is no industrial production; without drinking water and food, there is no functioning community; without information and communication technology, there is no banking business. The security and hazard management systems from primion protect these critical services against a wide range of threats. By using our solutions, operators are fulfilling their duty of care and demonstrating a sense of responsibility.

Access Control and Time Recording for German Armed Forces


Three years ago, the "Soldiers' Working Time Ordinance", or SAZV for short, was introduced in the German Armed Forces as required by EU law. The new regulation serves to improve the occupational health and safety of soldiers by reducing stress and making service easier to plan. The software and hardware for recording and monitoring the regular working hours of 41 hours per week comes from primion.

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Sustainable and worthwhile investment

With primion solutions for access control and hazard management, we secure your process and supply chains against sabotage, intrusion, fire and many other hazards.

An investment that pays off from the very first moment. Secure your business processes and assets and fulfill your duty of care for your employees!

Reference: Antwerp Fire Service

In an emergeny every second counts:
Access control, time recording and canteen data accounting for the Antwerp fire service. [Download pdf 364KB]

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