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VdS-certified security products from Primion

Protect your company with state-of-the-art security management systems: In an emergency, you are literally on the safe side with Primion's VdS-certified solutions.

The prime SecurityManagement (pSM) hazard management system offers you an intelligent platform to effectively protect people, assets and buildings. Benefit from the advantages of an integrated security infrastructure that allows you to respond immediately to threats while ensuring operational continuity.

As one of the few providers in Europe, Primion fulfils the increasing demand for certified and VdS-approved security systems in the high-security market. In particular, emergency call control centres and large companies with their own control room rely on the proven certificates and standards.

Good to know: Thanks to numerous interfaces, the Primion security management system can be easily linked to other systems such as access control or time recording.

  • pSM software: PSIM Physical Security Management System

    The security technology is combined into a network in the VdS-approved control centre system pSM.

  • Interfaces

    Link important systems. Access control and the intruder alarm system, for example, are easily combined.

  • Optional hardware for building security

    Modern modules such as water or vibration detectors complement the building security technology.

At a glance – the advantages of Primion products for your security management

Efficient risk management

Primion's security management system enables efficient risk management by combining all security aspects of your company in one integrated system. This gives you a holistic overview of potential risks and enables you to be proactive.

Rapid response capability

Thanks to the networking of all security technology, you can react to security incidents at any time. This enables you to react quickly and makes a significant contribution to the security of your employees, assets and buildings.

Flexible integration

Primion products offer numerous interfaces that allow you to easily link the security management system with other systems such as access control or time recording. This gives you a comprehensive solution that is perfectly tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Extended hardware options

In addition to the pSM hazard management software, Primion offers a wide range of optional hardware modules for building security – including state-of-the-art sensors such as water or vibration detectors. These complement the security technology in your company and increase the effectiveness of your security management.

Reliable certification

Primion is one of the few providers in Europe to offer VdS-certified security products that meet the highest standards. This certification guarantees you the highest quality and trustworthiness, which you can rely on in all security matters.

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security management

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