Perimeter Protection With primion: Your Step to More Safety

Avert dangers at the perimeter

Burglary, sabotage or espionage: companies are exposed to a wide range of threats. Perimeter protection is considered to be the most effective way of recognising critical situations at an early stage, averting dangers and thus reliably protecting the outside of buildings.

The intelligent systems from primion offer powerful solutions based on innovative technologies: from video surveillance of the outside area to intrusion detection technology to the fully comprehensive pSM hazard management system, which combines all security-relevant systems on one interface.  

Protect your company effectively and provide holistic security for people, values and technologies.

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Warn early, react in time: Scalable measures

Functional systems for access control and targeted protection of doors, gates and barriers are natural security measures for companies. Perimeter protection – also called outdoor protection – starts much earlier. It includes all technical, mechanical and personnel measures to protect the boundaries of the company's premises. Monitoring outdoor areas and securing fences are just as much a part of this as securing access roads and entrances to the company and preventing unauthorised persons from entering.  

The goal: to detect dangers and inform security personnel immediately before further damage occurs. By integrating the technologies into the hazard management psM – the prime SecurityManagement – this protection goal is reliably achieved.

At a glance: Perimeter protection with primion

  • Reliable protection of outdoor areas and property boundaries
  • Linking of security-relevant components to form a comprehensive hazard management system
  • Early detection of critical situations and automatic information to security personnel
  • Avoidance of false alarms through manual pre-assessment
  • Tailor-made security concepts for a wide range of requirements
  • Innovative, scalable technologies

The key to your security concept:

Perimeter protection with primion

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Assessing hazardous situations correctly

In parallel to the reported hazardous situation in pSM, in order to avoid false alarms, the hazardous situation can be manually pre-assessed from the “safe” pSM control centre client environment using:

  • video sequences from PTZ cameras with auto-tracking function
  • thermal imaging cameras in case of poor visibility conditions or
  • if necessary, drones

After a thorough hazard analysis and the resulting overall protection goals, primion's systems meet your security requirements exactly. Thanks to many years of know-how and state-of-the-art technology, an individual protection concept is developed, into which both new and existing security components are integrated.  

Whether it's warehouses, production halls or office buildings, security for your company starts at the property boundary!

prime SecurityManagement (pSM)

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