Remote Maintenance with TeamViewer

Using TeamViewer, you can make your screen available for Primion’s Support department to be able to access your computer remotely, even if there are firewalls in place.
You just have to start a small program that doesn’t need to be installed and also that doesn’t need any Administrator rights.

TeamViewer Desktop-Sharing

This is how it works:

  1. Click “Start TeamViewer” in the green button.
  2. Confirm that you want to start or save the “primion-support.exe” application. Depending on your system’s settings, you may additionally need to open your Download folder and click on the file.
  3. After a few seconds, two number sequences will be displayed:
    1. Your ID (Ihre ID)
    2. Password (Kennwort).

You will need to let us know what these numbers are so that we can establish a connection to your computer.


ATTENTION: The number combinations listed below are only examples.
We need the number combinations that appear on your screen!

Advisory codex for the use of the TeamViewer software

Remote maintenance is provided at the explicit request of the customer. The customer can choose one of the two forms of consulting:

  • Enabling access to the customer's own PC (under monitoring and cancellation option by the customer, the consultant can provide assistance on the customer's PC). This form of consulting is preset.
  • Showing the own screen (the customer shows the consultant his screen content)

The trained support staff of Primion Technology GmbH only use remote maintenance with the greatest possible availability and care. The customer can terminate the consulting access at any time by clicking on the X symbol. All data that becomes visible between the partners is subject to data secrecy. All consultants at primion are expressly bound to the principles of both data protection and data secrecy. The data connection in which the communication data is transferred between primion and the customer is encrypted multiple times and is therefore particularly secure. We are happy to support you in the application and use of primion software and hardware. General PC support is not part of our support tasks.

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