Keyless Access Control: Using Flexible Online and Offline Solutions

Innovative readers and electronic locks cleverly combined

Whether it's a change of employees or a loss of keys: managing keys and thus manually controlling access to individual company areas often involves a great deal of effort. At the same time, the demands on access control have also increased significantly in the course of digitalisation.  

There is a demand for systems for keyless access control that are both secure and individually adaptable and easy to integrate.

Modern access control software, combined with innovative readers and modern electronic locks, enables a comprehensive overall concept for keyless access control that combines the advantages of online and offline solutions in the best possible way.

Scalable access solutions such as prime WebAccess and the online/offline solution prime KeyTechnology (pKT) from primion are in line with this trend.

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Today's access control: benefiting from well-designed systems

Instead of a classic locking system and mechanical door locks, access rights are assigned centrally online. Doors can be opened and closed keylessly using transponders in chips or ID cards, and both individual rooms and entire areas can be quickly and securely integrated into the system at any time.

Another advantage of Primion systems: With exclusively online-based security solutions, doors have to be laboriously wired in order to be subsequently integrated into a locking system. With prime KeyTechnology (pKT), Primion has developed a cost-saving alternative. This is fully integrated into the prime WebAccess access control system, whereby all functions are managed centrally.

Individual rooms can also be integrated into this online/offline system by equipping doors with electronic pKT locks or digital locking cylinders. For this purpose, the previous analogue door lock is replaced by corresponding pKT components such as the pKT Digital Cylinder G4.

At a glance — the pKT offline solution

  • A reader is installed at the main entrance which is connected to the system online – the master reader.
  • By booking at the master reader, the idividually assigned access rights are transferred to the badge on a daily basis.
  • The access rights stored in the system are activated with the badge and the released doors within the building are opened and locked by booking at the mechatronic components installed there, such as cylinders or door fittings.
  • pKT is integrated into the prime WebAccess access control solution.

The locks themselves have no authorisation logic of their own and are not connected to the system. They function autonomously and are powered by a long-life battery. All updates, such as changed access rights, are maintained directly in the software.

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