Electronic Cabinet Lock for Furniture Doors, Lockers & co.

Keep personal items safe - with solutions from primion

Store valuables or clothing of employees, customers or visitors in a way that is safe from access: Thanks to the latest technology, electronic locks for cabinets and furniture from primion offer maximum security and flexibility.

Literally play it safe with the locker solution from primion and equip cabinet doors or drawers with electronic locks and locking cylinders! The locking systems with the latest RFID technology are ideal for school, student or employee lockers, for example. Also in hospitals, the electronic primion locking systems provide valuable services in securing the lockers in the patients' rooms as well as in the changing rooms of the medical staff.

But you can also benefit from the use of electronic locks as the operator of sports facilities such as gyms or swimming pools, as well as leisure and cultural facilities such as zoos or museums. Technology from primion makes it easy for you to provide secure storage for sports bags or handbags for employees as well as customers and visitors.

    Reference projects

    Our long-standing customer, the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital (UKE Hamburg), has opted for the locker allocation variant with technologies from primion. The RFID locking systems are used at a total of 1,600 lockers there. Our customer NORMA Sarrebourg in France is also already successfully using the locker solutions in the staff changing rooms for 88 lockers.

    Particularly flexible and absolutely secure: primion locking systems for cabinets

    The electronic furniture locks from primion have different operating modes: a personal locker or cabinet can be permanently assigned in the system as well as freely selected. This reduces the administrative effort to a minimum - with maximum security and functionality of the locker solution.

    The primion products can be used flexibly on left and right locker doors or on lockable drawers and are characterised by simple installation as well as uncomplicated power supply via a long-life battery.

    The RFID furniture lock consists of a G3/G4 cylinder that is mounted instead of a conventional cylinder and a mechanical adapter. Thanks to the innovative primion technology, the electronic locks can be linked to other products. For example, the primion time and attendance terminals ADT 1110 and ADT 1120 can be used to display and delete locker assignments. The modern locker solution is also compatible with the online/offline solution prime KeyTechnology (pKT). All relevant data is centrally fed into the software; the lock itself does not need to be programmed.

    Once the rights have been stored in the system, you can use your transponder (chip / ID card) to:

    •  enter the building
    •  record your working hours
    •  operate the lift
    •  enter the booked meeting room
    •  open your office

    and also to

    •  open and close your locker / cabinet.

    You decide: Fixed cabinet assignment or free choice of locker?

    It's up to you: you specify in the software whether the person is assigned a fixed locker in one or more areas, or whether he or she is allowed to select it himself or herself. At the modern Advanced Data Terminal ADT 1110, you can check at any time which cabinet or locker has been assigned to you as a user; if necessary, this choice can also be deleted there.

    Scenario A - Permanently assigned cabinet / locker

    The rights to use the locker are already stored on the chip. This means that the locker is assigned to one or more transponders (chip / ID card).

    • It is possible to assign several lockers to one transponder.
    • Opening and locking is done directly via the cabinet lock.

    Scenario B - Free cabinet / locker selection

    The area(s) in which the user can freely select a locker is stored in the software. Basically, all lockers are initially open, the user deposits his/her items in the selected locker and locks its door with RFID lock using a chip or ID card. The transponder, which was not used before, thus enters into a "connection" with the cabinet lock.

    • The next time the locker is opened, it is released for general use again.
    • If the user prefers another locker after some time - e.g. because it is closer to the exit - he can open the currently selected locker, thereby releasing it for others and remove his valuables and deposit them in the newly selected locker.
    • In the software, the operator can define different areas for lockers - for example, to differentiate lockers by individual classrooms.

    Select lockers in different areas:

    A person can also freely select one locker each from up to two different areas. In clinics, for example, medical staff need different clothes on the ward than in the operating theatre area. Which cabinet / locker was selected can be queried on the ADT 1110.

    Which solution is suitable for you?


    Learn more about individual access control options with primion.

    Advantages of electronic cabinet locks from primion:

    • Simple installation and handling
    • No wiring required
    • Toggle mode possible
    • Up to 65,000 cycles per battery
    • Automatic summer and winter time switching
    • Display and deletion of the cabinet assignment on the ADT 1110
    • Flexibility in the assignment of cabinets
    • Independent assignment by the user of up to two cabinets, without the intervention of other persons
    • Multiple operating modes

    Stucture of the lock

    The cabinet lock contains the reader unit together with the communication electronics, the mechanics and the power supply. A battery provides the power supply for up to 65,000 operations - depending on the transponder method.

    Technical data of the product:

    • Up to 1000 events can be logged in the cabinet lock​
    • Up to 48 statutory holidays can be set​
    • Individual and group authorisations possible​
    • Automatic summer and winter time switching​
    • Locking time programmable​
    • Suitable for doors up to 20 mm​
    • Operating modes: Fixed locker assignment or free locker selection
    • Dimensions when installed (cabinet lock):
      148.5 mm x 44.7 mm x 35 mm (H x W x D).
    • Transponder variants: MIFARE® and LEGIC®
    • Power supply: 1x battery ER14505M 3.6V
    • Battery life: up to 65,000 operations (MIFARE® DESFire®; LEGIC® advant)
    • Operating temperature: 5°C to 55°C
    • Storage temperature: -40°C to 65°C
    • Maximum relative humidity: up to 95%, non-condensing
    • Application area: indoor

    Product information on the pKT cabinet lock

    Download Product Datasheet

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