MyPrimion Wallet App – The App for Your Access Control

Cloud-based management of access rights

When using the MyPrimion Wallet App for access control, no RFID badge, key fob or transponder chip is needed for access. Instead, the smartphone serves as a repository for a digital badge.

Obtain all rights for controlled access via the app!

The digital badge for access control

Created quickly and securely – managed easily

  • The principle of the primion access control app is as simple as it is secure.
  • You assign and manage the online access rights in the same way as the access rights for the physical badges in the prime WebAccess software.
  • The respective employee is prompted by email to download the MyPrimion Wallet app.
  • A mobile credential – a digital authorisation card – is created in the cloud and transferred to the app on the smartphone.  
  • The access control reader at the door captures the mobile credentials on the smartphone held in front of it via Blutetooth® Low Energy transmission (BLE) or NFC technology.  
  • If the authorisation for this door has previously been released in prime WebAccess, the employee is granted access and can open the door.

Good to know: Full flexibility in the choice of medium

The access control reader reads both physical badges and mobile credentials via the app on the smartphone.
The advantage: you remain flexible and can not only choose the respective badge medium for individual employees. Employees themselves can also use the previous access badge or the smartphone with the MyPrimion Wallet app as an access medium.

At a glance – the advantages of the MyPrimion Wallet App

  • MyPrimion Wallet is the repository for Mobile Credentials (digital credentials).
  • Access control reader captures Mobile Credentials via BLE (Blutetooth® Low Energy) or NFC technology.
  • Secure transfer of the digital badges into the app via MyPrimion.
  • Access authorisations are managed in prime WebAccess.
  • Door can be opened when smartphone is held out.
  • Reader can read both physical badges (MIFARE®) and mobile credentials (BLE/NFC).
  • The access control app can be seamlessly integrated into existing security systems.
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