prime WebAccess - Intelligent Software for Access Control

prime WebAccess provides all the options of a modern access control system

  • With prime WebAccess, you work in your familiar browser interface (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.). No software installation is required on the individual operator clients.
  • The prime WebAccess access control software uses relational database systems from Oracle and Microsoft and Apache Tomcat as the web server. These IT standards allow prime WebAccess to be easily, securely and quickly integrated into your IT architecture. In addition, prime WebAccess is also available as a SaaS solution.

In addition to the familiar hardware from primion (IDT 32, IDT 2x, ADR Indoor/Outdoor, etc.), existing third-party hardware can also be used with prime WebAccess. This protects your investment and makes it easier to switch from a proprietary system to the primion solution.

Advantages of prime WebAccess:

  • High ergonomics due to web browser standard
  • No software installation required on web client PC
  • Workflows for automatic assignment of access rights
  • High integration capability of the access control system in existing building architectures
  • Use of common RFID coding methods such as Legic, Mifare and Hitag
  • Use of biometric authentication
  • Freely scalable system performance
  • Data security through support of widely used relational database systems
  • Industry-compatible access control with simple individual customer adaptability
  • High data security through Advanced Encryption Standard AES-128
  • GDPR compliant data storage

Badge Management for the assignment and control of authorisations

No matter which medium you want to use to identify employees on the system, prime WebAccess supports your choice: from the ID card, to the chip, to biometrics using finger or palm vein scanning - prime WebAccess offers a wide range of options.

  • All bookings are stored in log files and are also available for evaluations over longer periods of time.
  • The evaluations can be individually compiled in prime WebAccess, so that the selection of data to be taken into account and the layout can be set up specifically.
  • Reading technologies can also be selected from the various 13.56 MHz or 125 KHz technologies: MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, LEGIC advant® or HITAG - primion's hardware and software is flexible.

Badge creation and coding as part of identity management

One badge for all applications

Badges are used for access control, working time recording, visitor management and in hazard management.

Central administration

Central data maintenance reduces administration effort, lowers the error rate and prevents sabotage attempts.

Interfaces to other systems

Use badges for other systems such as cafeteria data accounting, library card, printer access, etc.

Control processes seamlessly

Design and print the ID cards coded by us in advance according to your requirements yourself - or leave it to us.

Readers for Access Control

Overview Hardware for Access Control

Brochure prime WebAccess

Intelligent Access Control for every requirement.

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