pKT Online/Offline System for Safeguarding Individual Areas and Doors

  • The handles or cylinders on the doors do not have their own authorization logic.
  • They are not connected to the system, but function autonomously and are powered by a long-life battery.
  • Updates are entered directly in the software.
  • The software transmits the previously defined rights directly online to the master reader, e.g. time-based access restrictions or the definition of the doors to which the access rights should apply.
  • The employee or, for example, an external service provider must therefore always "pick up" the access rights anew at the master reader.
  • Rights are rewritten to the badge every day and automatically deleted after the previously defined period.


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Reliably secure idividual areas in an online/offline system with pKT

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Further information on electronic locks and cylinders of the pKT system

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