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prime PEP : also ideal for security service providers

In the right place at the right time: an elementary task for security and rescue service personnel. Employees are among the most important resources in a company. They should always be deployed according to their individual skills and availability. – A complex process that is significantly reduced by the prime PEP software solution for duty rosters and object plans. The modern software takes numerous parameters into account and sustainably increases the efficiency of your workforce scheduling. With prime PEP, you always have an overview of employee availability, qualifications and working hours. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming planning methods and optimise your use of resources.

    At a glance – the advantages of Primion staff scheduling software

    • Fast and effective duty roster and property planning 
    • Manual or automatic duty roster creation 
    • Satisfied customers and employees thanks to high planning accuracy 
    • Avoidance of unproductive idle time 
    • Reduced planning times thanks to simplified work processes 
    • Quick familiarisation with the software interface 
    • Permanent cost controlling thanks to clear user interfaces 
    • Return on investment within a few months 

    Integrate your workforce scheduling
    with other Primion solutions for time & attendance.


    Extensive functions and analysis options

    The assignment of employees to shifts, buildings or building-specific tasks can take into account employee requests with regard to shift planning and checks the respective qualifications and availability. Staffing requirements, necessary restrictions or planning rules are also taken into account. Numerous planning functionalities and evaluation options provide the sound information you need for personnel planning in your company.

    prime PEP – an overview:

    • Territory Planning
    • Guard control system
    • Property planning
    • Resource planning (vehicles, equipment, etc.)
    • "Rapid Reaction Force"
    • Plausibility checks
    • Variable time accounts with threshold and limit values
    • Unlimited number of working time models (part-time, shift, etc.)
    • Personnel cost and budget controlling
    • Shift distribution over variable time periods
    • Integration of the electronic personnel file
    • Employee Self Service (ESS)
    • etc.

    Use the efficient controlling tools of Primion software

    The Primion software for your workforce scheduling offers a variety of efficient controlling tools. With the property scheduling check, you always have an overview – for example, of the deployment of your security staff on different properties.

    The department overview enables you to optimally plan and coordinate the personnel resources of your departments. The duty time statement provides you with a detailed overview of your employees' working hours, while the allowance overview allows you to ensure that all corresponding allowances are recorded correctly. Violations of working time regulations are avoided.

    The holiday planning and overview also makes it easy to manage holiday requests. With property-related information on status, property type, task description and staffing levels, you have all the relevant details at a glance.

    Reliable planning quality with prime PEP

    prime PEP is a software solution that offers you the highest quality planning processes in your company across all sectors. Thanks to comprehensive functions, you can organise your employees' personnel planning efficiently and reliably.

    Discover the many possibilities that prime PEP offers to optimise your work processes and ensure that your team is always working at the best possible capacity. 

    • Property-related tasks and times
    • Automatic follow-up planning
    • Planning periods
    • Specified duty periods
    • Collective labor agreements, service agreements, in-house collective labor agreements, occupational health and safety regulations, etc.
    • Downtimes
    • Alternative plans
    • On-call duty, jumpers, etc.
    • Special tasks
    • Training periods
    • Minimum and maximum staffing
    • Employee qualification
    • and much more

    Brochure prime PEP for your workforce management

    Use prime PEP and manage rosters and property plans in a capacity-orientated, needs-based and property-related manner.

    Download [PDF 780 KB]

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