Identity & Access Management (IAM) in Companies

Centralised management of identities and access authorisations

Identities and access authorisations must be managed according to the rules. A large number of individual, decentralised release and authorisation processes make it difficult to maintain an overview and harbour a high potential for error and risk.

With prime WebAccess identity and access management, users and their authorisations are assigned to a clear structure and can be managed centrally.

Maximum benefit

  • Overview: Central management of identities and access rights on different applications
  • Security: Authentication and authorisation of users as central functions of IAM
  • Time saving: Minimised effort for administration and documentation
  • User-friendly: Easy data entry and self-service interfaces for users
  • Transparency: Clear roles and rights assignments for all users in the company
  • Minimal administration effort: Automated processes

Badge creation and coding as part of identity management

One badge for all applications

Badges are used for access control, working time recording, visitor management and in hazard management.

Central administration

Central data maintenance reduces administration effort, lowers the error rate and prevents sabotage attempts.

Interfaces to other systems

Use badges for other systems such as cafeteria data accounting, library card, printer access, etc.

Individual layout

Design and print the badges coded by us in advance according to your requirements yourself – or leave it to us.

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