Mobile Time Recording in Your Company

Flexible solutions for tablet or smartphone

Whether employees working from home, field staff or fitters on the construction site: mobile time and attendance systems enable uncomplicated time bookings regardless of their location. With the help of flexible solutions such as prime Mobile from primion, hours, breaks and holiday requests are easily recorded via tablet or smartphone.

Put Excel spreadsheets and timesheets aside and opt for intelligent systems for mobile time recording!

Mobile solutions complement innovative software

The great advantage of electronic time recording: the systems are scalable and can be individually adapted according to operational needs. Modern software such as prime WebTime is complemented by the mobile solution prime Mobile. This allows working times to be recorded directly, accurately and, above all, independently of the place of work via smartphone or tablet.  

Here, too, employees have access at all times to the most common end-user functions, including the defined workflows.

The result: simplified processes and accelerated workflows. The HR department, for example, can access the data at any time and evaluate it for payroll accounting.

Efficient and flexible – the advantages of mobile time and attendance solutions

  • Saves time: no need to transfer timesheets to Excel spreadsheets   
  • Accelerates processes: Data is recorded immediately, forwarded and evaluated as required
  • Independent of location: local time bookings at the terminal in the company are no longer necessary
  • Device-independent: Use via smartphone or tablet
  • Minimises sources of error: no manual recording or transfer of data necessary
  • Scalable: other systems (e.g. access control) can be connected via interfaces
  • Available at any time: Link to prime Mobile via icon on the start screen of the smartphone or tablet
  • Multilingual: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch

prime Mobile is a website adapted for mobile devices and runs on the same server as prime WebSystems.

The application for recording working hours is optimised for smaller screens and mobile data connections.

prime Mobile requires no installation or updates, is always up to date and is also available as a SaaS solution.

Learn more about modular systems for time and attendance now!

At a glance - the functions of mobile working time recording

  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • Various booking options:
    • Start and end of work
    • Break times
    • Holidays
    • Absences
    • Travel times
    • Business trips
    • Field service  
  • Direct time bookings (e.g. working hours of fitters on construction sites)
  • Forgotten bookings can be entered later
  • Balance overview for holiday, time and wage accounts
  • Overview of absences, absenteeism and daily schedules
  • Status display for pending and processed requests
  • Access rights through connection to the access control system
  • Encrypted and thus absolutely secure communication
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