Time and Attendance Systems

Innovative software and modern hardware for your time recording

Whether it's a small business or a large corporation: reliable time recording is important for every company! More and more companies are deciding to replace time sheets and time clocks with electronic time recording - and benefit from numerous advantages of modern time and attendance systems with functional hardware and software, regardless of the industry.

  • Software Time & Attendance

    Individually scalable, uncomplicated operation and optimally integrable into your system.

  • Interfaces

    Compatible through interfaces to all common accounting systems and access control.

  • Time & Attendance Terminals

    Terminals for time and attendance in a user-friendly and modern design.

  • Workforce Planning with prime PEP

    Capacity-oriented, needs-based and object-related. Your requirements take centre stage.

At a glance - flexible primion solutions for time and attendance

  • Latest hardware: modern time recording terminals, RFID transponder (key fob or ID card), time recording biometrically with fingerprint or mobile via smartphone
  • Functional software: digital time recording, exact clock-in and clock-out bookings, holiday management, project-related allocation of working hours, various interfaces for connecting several trades such as access control, long-term documentation, ECJ-compliant.

No matter whether your employees work on site or several times a month in a home office, are deployed in different shifts or work in part-time models: Modern time and attendance systems, including mobile applications, make it easy for you to record working times precisely and regardless of location, as well as document them in the long term. Your employees also benefit from numerous interfaces and defined workflow scenarios. For example, relieve your HR department of standard requests through accelerated processes and automated workflows!

The primion solutions for time and attendance combine user-friendly hardware with the functional software prime WebTime. Data such as working hours or holiday management is recorded at the company terminal either contactlessly using an RFID transponder (chip or card) or using the biometric fingerprint, and by remote employees using an app.

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Modular time and attendance systems that meet your exact requirements

Is your company growing? The scalable systems from primion grow with you! As demand increases, they can be expanded accordingly and can also be integrated into an existing IT environment without any problems - from small businesses to medium-sized enterprises to large companies. Take advantage of the modern functions of the primion solutions and link the prime WebTime time recording software, for example, to the access control system or to other security systems.

With customisable and ECJ-compliant options for the exact recording of working hours, you can allocate hours worked and expenses on a project-specific basis, keep an eye on holidays and absences at all times and use the applications specifically for shift and personnel deployment planning.

Efficient processes and a bundled overview through modern time and attendance systems

Combine the primion time and attendance terminals and the active and passive transponders specifically with the time and attendance software, including the mobile solutions for time and attendance. Effortlessly organise different working time models in your company - user-friendly, reliable and in accordance with current ECJ case law!

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