PSIM: Intelligent Hazard Management With pSM Software

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

Overview, control, security: With the Physical Security Information Management pSM, the PSIM from primion, various security-relevant applications such as video surveillance, access control as well as intrusion and fire alarm systems are centrally bundled, monitored, controlled and evaluated on one user interface.


The advantage: Potentially dangerous situations can be identified at a glance and, thanks to automated processes, critical events in and around the building can be responded to immediately and optimally!

Scalable security solution for all company sizes

One software application for all: The VdS-approved security control centre system pSM - the PSIM from primion - bundles all security systems on one platform. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be individually scaled or subsequently adapted according to requirements, industry and company size.

Worldwide, the PSIM from primion is used in a wide range of industrial sectors: from small installations for companies with few employees to comprehensive system solutions for large-scale operations.

Good to know: The PSIM pSM from primion monitors and controls all connected areas and is also compatible with third-party systems!

prime SecurityManagement (pSM)

Whether it's a hospital, an airport or a logistics company: If different sections are linked together in a comprehensive security system, optimum protection is provided around the clock. For a complete overview and visualisation, the applications are combined in the pSM control centre system - the PSIM from primion. Possible scenarios can be defined in advance in order to automate processes. Manual interventions are supported by corresponding workflow scenarios. Since the client processes are constantly working online, the information from the individual modules is available to all those responsible at all times. Thanks to the innovative pSM app, all functions can also be conveniently controlled while on the move. Clear advantage: users do not have to be on site to react to critical events!

pSM app - always safely informed

As a mobile app, the PSIM software pSM enables convenient, location-independent control of all functions - without having to enter the danger zone. Push messages on the lock screen of the mobile phone, for example, inform about a triggered alarm. Using the pSM app, those responsible can access the live video image, among other things, in order to verify the alarm. All signal messages are displayed on the home screen and explained in detail in the alarm stack - an overview of all alarms and hazard messages.

Focus on cyber security

The focus of the new version of the hazard management software is primarily on cyber security, new interfaces, updated databases and the mobile client: in future, the application can be downloaded from the app store. The versions iOS from V11 and Android from V10 are supported in German, French, English, Spanish and Dutch.

At a glance: Hazard management with the PSIM software pSM

  • Innovative software solution with a focus on cyber security
  • Updated databases and integration of new interfaces
  • Reliable protection of tangible and intangible assets
  • Visualisation of a multitude of systems (intrusion alarm system, fire alarm system, access control) on a single user interface
  • Central control of all functions
  • Shortened reaction times in case of critical events and acute dangers
  • Reliable 24/7 monitoring of all connected systems
  • Automated processes in case of emergency
  • Certified by VdS for use in European and national emergency call and service control centres
  • Scalable for individual requirements: from a single-user system to a comprehensive security management system
  • Connection of various areas possible (video surveillance, communication technology, etc.)
  • Easy to use due to clear user interface, adaptable to individual CI

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Comprehensive security solution for the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital

One example of the optimal use of the innovative PSIM from primion is the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital in Villingen-Schwenningen. A comprehensive security system with state-of-the-art application options was installed. Various systems - e.g. fire alarm and voice alarm - ensure optimum protection around the clock and are visualised in the pSM control centre system. The lift gets stuck? - The lift emergency call is triggered immediately and the event is displayed in the pSM. A text message with instructions appears and the security staff can react immediately. If a fire breaks out, the fire alarm system automatically controls the next steps via pSM: In-house rescue forces as well as technical staff are notified and affected wards are informed for the first time via a silent alarm. Likewise, the permanently manned reception desk in the hospital immediately receives all relevant information in the event of a fire. Important applications such as the sprinkler system and the building management system are brought together in the pSM.

pSM - Our solution for perimeter protection

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Our solution for intelligent security management

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