ADT 1120 - Advanced Data Terminal 1120 for visually impaired people

Barrier-free edition

The ADT 1120 is the ideal time recording terminal for blind or visually handicapped people:

  • Inverted text display for better contrast (black text on white background).
  • Transparent Braille film displaying different booking types from which the employee can choose: Arrival, departure, business trip, etc.
  • Audio assist module for auditory support when selecting the booking type and reading feedback or balance information.

Due to the transparency of the Braille sheet, the ADT 1120 time recording terminal can also be used by your employees without visual impairment.

ADT11xx Family

A family of modern and user-friendly time and attendance terminals in a simple design with a high-quality aluminium frame.

The highlight is the large 7" display on the easy-to-clean real glass front which, with its capacitive touch, predestines the terminals for simple and intuitive operation. The high level of operator ergonomics makes it possible to avoid reflections caused by unfavourable light irradiation: the glass front can be individually swivelled and adjusted.

The modular concept allows rapid service and maintenance without much effort. The ADT 1120 supports state-of-the-art RFID technologies such as LEGIC advant® and MIFARE® DESFire® and can take over pKT master reader functions: Access rights for pKT offline components, such as electronic door handles or cylinders, are transferred to the employee's transponder.

Booking data can be transferred to SAP via an interface and, among other things, the sequence of booking types can be adjusted.

Working time recording and account enquiries (overtime, absences, holidays, ...) can be done easily and intuitively with the ADT 1120. Defined workflows, such as leave requests, can also be started via the ADT. Please note that this is not available for blind or visually impaired users.

ADT 1120 Technical Data Sheet

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