Digital Visitor Management: contactless, traceable and professional

Targeted appointment preparation, accelerated processes and a friendly welcome with modern visitor management

Whether planned in advance or scheduled at short notice: Visits are part of the daily routine in most companies - from customers to suppliers to other service providers. Guests are often registered at the reception desk in paper form, after which the receptionist creates visitor passes and provides information about safety instructions and the like.

In times when a largely contactless approach is desirable anyway, digital visitor management with prime Visit software from primion offers a tool that is as efficient as it is modular to automate reception processes and thus make visits to the company professional, time-saving and still warm. Thanks to prime Visit, check-in and check-out are significantly accelerated and centralised on one platform - including individual access authorisations to the building for each visitor, if required.

Dissolve analogue processes with digital visitor management

The classic visitor list is not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors. After all, the information recorded has to be manually transferred into the system by the staff - a process that is avoided by digital visitor management with prime Visit. The data is recorded online, visitor badges are created digitally: Modern visitor management using software makes a significant contribution to optimising visitor management in the company. Access can be controlled quickly, securely and reliably, an overview of who is in the company and for how long is available at all times, and appointments can be organised digitally in advance in a straightforward manner for both sides.

After making an appointment, the visitor receives an e-mail, enters his or her data and is then sent a QR code. The visitor scans this code at the kiosk terminal or has it read at the reception desk. The pass, including all authorisations, is printed out automatically. With prime Visit, guests are greeted individually via the screen and provided with detailed information about the hazard protection regulations or the location. For each visitor, the software creates a DSGVO-compliant data record in which further information can be stored in preparation for the appointment. As soon as the visitor has registered, the host receives an information e-mail about his arrival so that he can either receive him or meet him in the assigned meeting room.

Groups of visitors can also be received in a time-saving manner thanks to prime Visit and a group check-in. For example, a document with all the names of the visitors can be scanned and added to the record of the person responsible for the visit. Spontaneous visits are organised just as easily. With just a few clicks, the visitor data is digitally recorded directly at the reception desk and the badge for access is created. Incidentally, recurring visitors, such as certain service providers or suppliers, do not have to enter their data again: With digital visitor management, these are managed including the individual notes on access control to the building or the grounds and can be retrieved accordingly by the staff at reception.

Smooth processes, contactless reception and secure documentation thanks to digital visitor management

primion software offers a modular solution for implementing digital visitor management in the company according to the latest technology standards, for secure contactless guest reception and for automating visitor management processes. Visitor lists can be created at the touch of a button; all data is stored and analysed in compliance with the European Data Protection Act (GDPR). prime Visit has a user-friendly design, can be integrated into the existing corporate CI and can be linked as an independent module with access control, for example.

Uncomplicated scheduling, a comprehensive overview of past, current and future visits as well as a lot of time savings and more security for both sides: Digital visitor management avoids queues at reception - a clear sign of appreciation for every visitor!

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