Whether Emergency Room or Neonatal Ward: Security Has Top Priority

Integrated primion systems for security technology, access control and time & attendance are installed in numerous healthcare facilities.

Solutions for security technology, access control and time and attendance in the healthcare sector are subject to special requirements: The top priority is the protection of people and values - patients in particular must have the certainty that doctors and nursing staff can concentrate on their tasks at all times and do not also have to deal with security-related issues. Processes in clinics, nursing homes or care facilities also need to be cost-efficient, audit-proof and provide staff with a comprehensive overview at all times.

primion Technology has decades of experience in the healthcare sector and is familiar with all the requirements of those responsible for security in clinics. Integrated solutions that simplify day-to-day operations in hospitals, reliably map processes and guarantee all-round protection are in continuous use in numerous European facilities. For example, in the Heidelberg University Hospital, in the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital or in the Hanover Medical School; even the most modern hospital in Europe, the UKE Hamburg-Eppendorf, trusts primion. Whether with the control centre system pSM, the access control software prime WebAccess, pKT-Offline solutions for the subsequent protection of individual rooms or the clear time management solution prime WebTime.

Different departments have individual requirements for access control solutions and thus security technology: operating theatres and laboratories, for example, require finely tuned access rights for a limited group of people. This regulates access to sensitive areas, but also ensures protection against burglary. This is especially important for the infamous "poison cabinet".

In the hospital room, on the other hand, quarantine stations must be specially secured. It is not only the current situation that requires special attention. Even before Covid-19, this was a top priority issue for the facilities. On the wards, securing patient property or the lockers and cabinets is also very important. Monitoring visitor flows is also important, for example, but not only on the geriatric ward.

In general, visitor management - especially at present - is a topic that sometimes causes headaches for those in charge. How can the safety of staff, patients and visitors be ensured by means of personal separation systems, targeted escape route technology and, if necessary, video surveillance? When does the official building radio communication system come into play here? And what special security solutions are there for the neonatal ward? Sensible solutions, developed in close cooperation with those responsible for the hospital, make everyday work easier and leave patients and staff feeling reassured.

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