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1. Access Management at Universities  
Mobile access on campus. Digital badges as door openers with numerous functions are cost-saving & sustainable.  
2. Burglary Protection in the Company  
What measures protect against burglary and vandalism? How do you make your company unattractive to burglars?  
3. Cybercrime: More Security for Companies  
More and more cybercriminal attacks on companies. Ransomware as the biggest threat. How can cloud solutions help?  
4. German Ruling on Time Recording for Companies  
Info on the obligation to record working time. What companies now need to know about the Labour Court ruling on time recording.  
5. Working Remotely Abroad - Company Guideline  
Remote work abroad is in demand. No legal entitlement to working from home. Observe guidelines on social and health insurance & labour law.  
6. Security Awareness of Employees  
Cyber risks for companies are increasing. Employee security awareness is crucial for security defence.  
7. CRITIS Industries Energy and Water  
An intact energy and water supply is a basic prerequisite for a functioning society. Hazard management protects the CRITIS sectors.  
8. Advantages of Visitor Management Software  
Modern software solutions for visitor management accelerate processes and offer companies and visitors a high level of security.  
9. Electronic Time Recording Terminals  
The combination of software, time recording terminals and mobile solutions manages different working time models in a company.  
10. Security Managemet CRITIS Ordinance  
All-in-one security concepts ensure comprehensive protection and reliable hazard prevention in CRITIS companies.  
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