Mobile time tracking app: Time is money - especially for SMEs

Accelerate processes and save costs - mobile time recording as a digital milestone

While it is usually easier for large companies to jump on the digitalisation bandwagon and adapt processes to technical innovations, SMEs often find it difficult. Especially in companies with few employees and a high workload, it is a matter of coordinating projects, processing orders quickly and satisfying customers.

Optimise your own processes?

Often there is simply not enough time. For example, Excel-based timesheets are often part of everyday life in many small and medium-sized businesses. Yet modern alternatives such as mobile time recording could significantly relieve the office, speed up work processes and contribute to a better overall view of attendance and project times, overtime and so on. However, the search for suitable solutions as well as the supposed need for training employees to use the new systems can appear to be a major hurdle. Moreover, the installation of particularly efficient solutions such as a time recording app requires a lot of time and technology - or does it? Clear, easy-to-use and modular systems like prime Mobile from primion prove otherwise.

With a mobile time recording app via smartphone & co. Book times

The fact is that the world of work is becoming much more agile - a trend that will continue. Working in different teams, at different locations and with different working time models not only places digital demands on communication, but also requires a rethink with regard to time recording systems. Modern software solutions such as prime WebTime, supplemented by prime Mobile, record times directly, accurately and, above all, independent of location, and offer numerous options for simplifying work processes.

The application is as simple as it is effective: the time recording app only requires an internet connection and is accessed via the browser of a smartphone, tablet or notebook. For quick access, an icon can be stored on the start page. Different booking types are possible: clock-in and clock-out times are recorded transparently, the monthly hourly balance is clearly displayed, and holiday requests can be made on the go. The entry of timesheets by employees in the office and the administration of printed out leave days thus becomes obsolete. At the same time, with the help of mobile time recording, the employer complies with the legal obligation to document working hours accurately by also taking overtime into account digitally.

Mobile time recording as the first, important step towards digitalisation

With the help of well thought-out, flexibly applicable systems for mobile time recording, this contributes decisively to process optimisation across all sectors and regardless of the size of the company - regardless of whether times are recorded directly and exactly digitally by means of an app in the trade directly on the construction site or in the sales field service. The reduced administrative effort creates free capacities. This, in turn, is urgently needed in SMEs - after all, especially in small companies, the office work, including personnel planning and the like, is often done by the boss himself. Thanks to digital processes, he now has more time for the core business: generating orders, handling projects effectively and satisfying customers.

If SMEs specifically define their requirements in advance when implementing modern time recording systems and use modular solutions that can be individually adapted and expanded, mobile time recording fulfils its purpose: to significantly simplify everyday work, increase productivity and save costs in the long term. Once this step has been taken, the introduction of a time recording app can revolutionise entire corporate structures in smaller companies and represent a milestone towards more digital organisation!

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