Hybrid work: Mobile Time Recording in a New Working World

Flexible structures for time and location-independent working as a criterion for long-term employer attractiveness

The world of work is changing: While some sectors and companies have not relied exclusively on a pure presence culture for some time, others have only been confronted with new challenges as a result of the global pandemic. Because the short-term switch to home-office-only work has been well implemented in many companies despite initial doubts, the question is now increasingly being asked whether the job market has changed for good as a result. Numerous studies come to a common conclusion: a return to pure presence work is inconceivable for most employees. They want the possibility of hybrid working in order to combine the advantages of office life, such as personal exchange with each other, with the positive aspects of the home office.

So what do companies have to do to successfully integrate hybrid work and thus the New Working Models in the long term? - In addition to the technical equipment in the form of hardware and co., from a labour law perspective it is time recording in particular that requires functional software in order to adapt to this change. Tools such as prime WebTime and prime Mobile from primion support mobile location and time-independent time recording, offer both mobile and digital on-site bookings and can be optimally integrated thanks to numerous interfaces.

Hybrid working models require flexible solutions

Today's time recording goes far beyond mere attendance monitoring. Rather, functional time recording must provide a constant overview of working hours or project-related activities, document absences as well as overtime and support the self-organisation of employees, especially in the home office.

With prime WebTime, online bookings and insight into time accounts are possible at any time. Particularly practical for hybrid working models: Home office days can be planned in advance. It is easy to track which employee was present in the office on which day, when they worked in the home office and how many remote work days have already been used.

Another advantage of the time recording software: companies comply with their obligation to document working hours precisely and at the same time follow the recommendation of a ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) from May 2019 on comprehensive electronic time recording.

Outside the office, bookings can be made in prime WebTime either via the web application in the browser on the PC or with prime Mobile for mobile time recording via smartphone or tablet. The mobile extension is ideally adapted for smaller screens and can either be placed as an icon on the start page of the respective end device or opened easily via the Internet browser. prime Mobile provides an overview of time and holiday accounts, enables requests for home office or holiday to be submitted online to the supervisor and simultaneously shows the status of requests that have already been approved or feedback that is still pending.

Through the connection to other trades such as access control, prime Mobile also allows doors to be released on the move, regardless of location - particularly relevant when employees need access to regulated areas, but the respective supervisor is not in the office.

Hybrid work, satisfied employees, modern structures

Regardless of whether fixed office and home office days are defined, or it is up to the employees themselves when and where they work: To remain attractive as an employer in the long term, companies will have to design their processes in such a way that hybrid working models can be implemented without any problems. Intuitive and easy-to-use tools for time management such as mobile time recording from primion actively support companies in integrating hybrid work in the long term and, above all, successfully, thereby making a decisive contribution to overall satisfaction in the company.

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