Suitable for Every Need: Modern Time Recording Systems

By combining time and attendance terminals, software and mobile solutions, a wide variety of working time models can be effortlessly managed within a company.

While the time clock and the classic nine-to-five job used to be part of everyday life in most companies, the world of work has now changed permanently. Flexible working time models and digital solutions for time recording are in demand. The goal: to accelerate processes in the company, decentralise them through mobile applications if necessary and relieve employees with the help of defined workflows.

Modern time recording software such as prime WebTime, supplemented by user-friendly time recording terminals, offer cross-industry, customisable and ECJ-compliant options for precisely recording working times, assigning them to projects as required and keeping an eye on holidays and absences at all times. Scalable, modern time recording systems from primion are suitable for both working time recording and shift and personnel deployment planning and, thanks to mobile applications, can be used regardless of location.

Cleverly combined: powerful hardware and functional software

Particularly in medium-sized and large companies, as well as in companies with shift work, a wide variety of working time models often have to be reconciled. The primion time recording terminals and the compatible prime WebTime software offer a time and cost-saving solution. The principle is as simple to use as it is effective: using a chip, ID card or fingerprint, the employee books the start of his or her working time at the time recording terminal; prime WebTime, as the software, books all the information in the background and assigns it accordingly. Attendances and absences are recorded, the actual working time worked is evaluated and all data required for payroll is transmitted to the HR department. Both employees and employers can query the corresponding accounts at any time and thus obtain an overview of remaining holidays or absences, among other things. At the same time, with the help of defined workflows, leave requests can be submitted online or stationary at the terminal - the HR department is relieved with regard to routine requests.

Mobile working time recording is also ideally supported by prime WebTime. Employees who work in a home office or in the field can record their bookings via the prime Mobile time recording app or online on a laptop, regardless of location. In this way, different working time models within a company can be easily organised with just one software.

Modern and user-friendly: time and attendance terminals from primion

As stationary hardware for all employees, time and attendance terminals must be easy to use, display all information in a user-friendly way and at the same time fit in well with the corporate environment. The Advanced Data Terminals (ADT) from primion are characterised by a simple, elegant design. Especially in entrance areas, they reinforce a professional corporate image thanks to their visual appearance. The time and attendance terminals have a large display, the glass front of which can be individually adjusted, for example, to avert disturbing light reflections. With the ADT 1120, primion has also developed a barrier-free time and attendance terminal. Thanks to an inverse display with black text on a white background, as well as a transparent Braille film and a speech module for auditory support, the terminal can also be used by blind or visually impaired employees.

Equipped with the latest RFID technology, the reading process at the primion terminals is contactless using transponders in the form of an ID card or key fob chip. For companies with special security requirements, such as banks, research laboratories or military facilities, biometric recording options are available using fingerprints or palm vein scans.

Individual solutions: flexible time recording systems for every need

Companies that want to switch from analogue time recording methods to digital time recording systems should prepare a corresponding checklist in advance and answer essential questions: What specifically is needed? Should only working hours be recorded or should the time recording system be used for personnel planning and project accounting at the same time? Companies are well advised to opt for scalable systems. The primion time recording software and hardware offer the clear advantage that they can be expanded as demand grows and can be easily integrated into an existing IT environment. In addition, they can be connected to other trades, such as access control, thanks to extensive interfaces.
With regard to the recording of working hours, one thing in particular becomes clear: the solutions must be as individual as the companies themselves. Where work is done in shifts, different working time models exist in parallel and New Working Models are integrated into everyday work in the long term, software-based time recording systems used in conjunction with stationary time recording terminals as well as mobile time recording apps offer the greatest advantage!

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