New readers for access control impress with function and design

primion Technology GmbH is expanding its access control product range with two readers in the Advanced Data Reader (ADR) series.

ADR Indoor reader for access control

Der ADR Indoor (top) and ADR Outdoor (bottom) for access control, each with keypad

The Advanced Data Readers (ADR) Indoor and Outdoor as well as the contactless readers prime Mulitprox Resistant and prime Multiprox USB Desktop Reader have been added to the access control readers portfolio.

ADR Indoor and ADR Outdoor

The new primion readers from the ADR series (Advanced Data Reader) impress with their attractive design and the high level of user comfort they offer. The modern design is based on the ADT Time & Attendance terminals. The ADR readers and Time&Attendance terminals are thus perfectly matched to each other and cut a fine figure in any entrance area.

The ADR Indoor is suitable for internal installation and optionally has a capacitive keypad with 12 keys. This keyboard can also be selected for the ADR Outdoor, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since the keyboard surface is not subject to wear and tear, the ADR readers score with a very low service requirement. They are flexible, intuitive and easy to install.

In conjunction with an intelligent control unit, the pKT master function can optionally be used for the ADR Indoor and Outdoor. This function enables the access control reader to read individual offline access rights from the identification medium (ID card, key fob, etc.) or to write them on the ID card. Access rights are managed via the host system.


❱ Modern design, matching the ADT series
❱ Flexible, simple application 
❱ Simple installation
❱ Low service requirements

pKT master function

❱ For reading and writing a person’s access authorisations
❱ Access rights are administered in the host system
❱ Use of RFID credentials as information carriers
❱ Reaction time, typically 1 sec.
❱ Special authorised cards are possible, e.g first responders

prime Multiprox Resistant

The series of contactless access control readers Multiprox from primion meet high security requirements and at the same time offer a high level of user comfort.
primion has now added another product to the Multiprox series: the prime Multiprox Resistant keypad reader impresses with an even more robust and stable housing made of impact-resistant plastic.

With its encapsulated and additionally surface-coated electronics, it offers a safe option for use in unprotected outdoor areas. It can withstand direct sunlight and therefore high temperatures of up to 55 °C. It is also waterproof in heavy rain and functions without restriction in snow and ice at temperatures as low as -25 °C.

Visually, the reader blends harmoniously into the building environment thanks to its sober and simple design. Thanks to state-of-the-art RFID technology, the keypad reader is easy to operate and offers maximum convenience. The contactless ID card or key fob activates the reader within a range of approx. 5 cm.

In conjunction with an intelligent control unit and software, the prime Multiprox Resistant reader can also be used as a master reader for the primion pKT system, further underlining its multifunctionality.

The pKT master function enables the reader to read individual offline access rights from the card and simultaneously write new information to the card (e.g. changed access rights). High data security is guaranteed by RS485 AES encryption between the reader and the control unit.


❱ Different card technologies
❱ Modern, unobtrusive design
❱ Can be used indoors and unprotected outdoors
❱ 2 LEDs, also used to indicate pKT master functionality
❱ Easy to install
❱ High degree of safety
❱ Flexible application
❱ Easy handling

pKT master function

❱ Reading and writing offline access rights
❱ Management of access rights on host system
❱ Using the RFID identification medium to store the access rights
❱ Response time about 1 sec.
❱ Special authorized ID cards possible (e.g. fire department)
❱ The reader can be operated at the control units IDT 32 and IDT 2x
❱ High data security due to RS485 AES encryption between reader and controller prime Multiprox USB Desktop Reader

prime Multiprox USB Desktop

This is another new reader in the Multiprox series and is ideal for capturing data from ID cards or key fobs used as transponders.

The prime Multiprox USB Desktop Reader, equipped with RFID technology was developed for use in central security offices, or similar locations, as a table-top device. The reader can easily be connected with a PC or laptop through USB.

Using this data acquisition reader from primion, the data from a large number of credentials can be captured quickly and easily within a very short time.


❱ USB connection
❱ Compact construction
❱ Available for various card technologies
❱ Suitable for use with access control and Time & Attendance systems
❱ Flexible application
❱ High level of security

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