prime Multiprox Resistant Reader

The range of contactless readers was developed by primion to meet high security requirements and at the same time high user comfort. The reader is activated by the contactless ID card or key fob within a reading range of approx. 5 cm.

The prime Multiprox Resistant keypad reader offers a safe option for use in unprotected outdoor areas thanks to encapsulated and additionally surface-painted electronics.

The sober and simple design blends harmoniously into the building environment. The simple operation of the keypad reader offers maximum ease of use thanks to the latest RFID technology.

Even as standard, the prime Multiprox Resistant reader can also be used as a master reader for the primion pKT system, further underlining its multifunctionality.

pKT Master Function

This function enables the reader to read individual offline access rights from the card and write new information to the card at the same time (e.g. changed access rights). The pKT master function can only be ordered in combination with the Intelligent Control Unit IDT 32 / IDT 2x and a software option S400-310.01 to S400-340.01.

Features of prime Multiprox Resistant:

  • Different card technologies
  • Modern, unobtrusive design
  • Can be used indoors and unprotected outdoors
  • 2 LEDs, also to indicate pKT master functionality
  • Simple installation technology
  • High degree of security
  • Flexible application
  • Simple handlingg

pKT Master Function

  • For reading and writing individual access authorisations per person
  • Administration of access rights on the host system
  • Use of the RFID badge as a virtual information carrier
  • Response time approx. 1 sec.
  • Special authorised badges possible (e.g. fire brigade)
  • Connection not possible at IDT 8
  • High data security through RS485 AES encryption between reader and controller

prime Multiprox Resistant

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