primion installs access control system at Berlin Airport BER

The airport went into operation on 31 October 2020 and manages access rights for 80,000 people with primion's software and hardware.

Securits System for BER Airport

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primion Technology GmbH is responsible for the development and commissioning of the primion Access Control systems at Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER). With the integrated prime WebAccess software, access rights for up to 80,000 people are managed in a uniform system.

primion, a subsidiary of the Azkoyen Group, is one of the leading providers of Access ControlTime and Attendance and Security Technology in Europe. In addition to numerous installations in industry, at service providers and in high-security areas, as well as for the German Federal Armed Forces, primion had also supplied its Access Control products to all airports in the capital region: for the former Tegel and Alt-Schönefeld airports and now for BER. The group has a firm agreement with BER to supply hardware and services for the operation of the Access Control solution.

The new airport is located in the German state of Brandenburg, on the southern border with Berlin, and was commissioned on 31st October 2020. The primion project "ZK-System FBB" (FBB stands for Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg) included the installation of 882 IDT 32 Access Control devices, 3,957 LEGIC advant® readers and 2,439 pKT digital cylinders. In addition, 50 biometric readers were integrated into the system. They control all access points at the security-relevant transition points between landside and airside. With the integrated prime WebAccess software, access rights for up to 80,000 people are managed in a uniform system.

Airport solutions with a focus on personal security

Secure Access Control and reliable badge management is essential at the airport to ensure the safety of employees, service providers and travellers. Thousands of employees work in airports and their access rights must be managed and documented. The software and hardware for this comes from primion and is developed and manufactured there in-house. Depending on the customer's requirements, primion provides its experience and know-how for the installation and maintenance of the components and is available to its airport customers as a competent partner for support. Through technology, efficiency and a forward-looking attitude, the Azkoyen Group has been providing leading solutions for automated products and services such as Access ControlTime and Attendance and integrated Security solutions under the primion brand for more than 25 years.


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