Universal Switch Box Reader

The universal switch box reader was developed by Primion to meet the most stringent security requirements and at the same time provide a high level of user comfort, without having to sacrifice an attractive design.

The contactless reader module is equally suitable for access control and time recording. Key fobs or badge cards can be used as badge media. The respective operating status is indicated by LEDs in the colours yellow and red / green.

The reader can be used indoors and is characterised by problem-free handling and simple installation technology in the Siedle, Gira, Jung, Mertens and Behnke switch box ranges. Due to its compact design, the reader can also be installed in various other modules, e.g. Siedle.

The universal switch box reader is designed for a long service life due to its high quality. Service costs are reduced to an absolute minimum because there are no moving parts or wearing parts.

Due to its inconspicuous appearance, it is therefore not recognisable at first glance as an access control or time recording module.

pKT Master Function

This function allows the reader to read individual access rights from the card and write new information to the card at the same time (e.g. changed access rights). The pKT Master function can only be ordered in conjunction with the IDT 32 Intelligent Control Unit and a software option S400-310.01 to S400-340.01.

Features of Universal Switchbox Reader:

  • Suitable for access control and time recording
  • High level of security
  • Can be used indoors
  • Flexible application
  • Simple installation technology
  • Simple handling
  • Installation in switch boxes from Siedle, Gira, Jung, Mertens and Behnke

pKT Master Function

  • For reading and writing individual access authorisations per person
  • Administration of access rights on the host system
  • Use of the RFID badge as a virtual information carrier
  • Response time approx. 1 sec.
  • Special authorised badges possible (e.g. fire brigade)

Universal Switch Box Reader

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