Mobile Access: Access Control with Your Smartphone

Open doors with mobile credentials

The world is becoming increasingly digital – keep up and revolutionise access control in your company. Physical keys, tags and ID cards will be a thing of the past. Mobile Access from Primion offers an innovative solution to manage your access control in a future-proof way. Your smartphone becomes the key that you can use to open doors to buildings, individual rooms or zones.

Use the medium that you always carry with you anyway and benefit from the advantages of digital credentials!

Mobile access control from Primion via app

Advanced, secure and simple: Mobile access from Primion

Your smartphone is at hand and becomes a reliable access medium for your company. The Mobile Credentials – the digital badges – are securely stored in the cloud. Access the authorisation management at any time, regardless of location. Easily add new employees or adjust existing authorisations – quickly, securely and flexibly.  

Mobile access control from Primion is based on state-of-the-art technology with the highest security standards, bundled on the new MyPrimion platform. Biometric authentication and sophisticated encryption methods on the smartphones ensure that only authorised persons have access to the MyPrimion Wallet App and thus access to the building.

You can easily integrate Primion's mobile access control into your existing infrastructure. The physical credential continues to function in parallel with the digital credential. The result: all users benefit directly from the advantages of the mobile access solution in the company.

Mobile access with a smartphone


Learn more about the MyPrimion Wallet App!

At a glance – the advantages of Mobile Credentials

  • Always available: smartphone as access medium always at hand
  • Flexible: use of digital and physical credentials
  • Innovative: advanced technology with the highest security standards  
  • Uncomplicated: simple and secure integration into the existing infrastructure  
  • Cost-efficient: no production costs (physical badges, replacement badges, badge printers)
  • Secure: hurdle for passing smartphones between employees higher than for passing badges or other physical media
  • Efficient: less administrative work in the department for badge issuance and redemption  
  • Cloud-based: secure access to credential management regardless of time and location  
  • Sustainable: environmentally friendly without additional materials such as plastic or metal  

Safer, more efficient and more sustainable: Mobile Credentials from Primion – your future of access control!

Brochure Mobile Access

Flexible and secure mobile access control from Primion
made easy with your smartphone.

Download [PDF 494 KB]

Mobile access saves resources and protects the environment

Save money, time and nerves! By doing away with physical credential media such as keys or cards in your company, the costs for the production as well as the replacement of lost access media are considerably reduced.

In addition, mobile credentials make an important contribution to your sustainability management. The digital credentials do not consume any additional materials such as plastic or metal. The result: your company's ecological footprint is improved by mobile access control!

Take the first step towards mobile access control with Primion!

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