Security management in all weathers: Reliable components in and on the building

Centralised solutions guarantee maximum security even in challenging weather conditions

Persistent drought, torrential rain, heavy snowfall: weather phenomena that are unfortunately no longer a rarity. As so-called "extreme weather", they have long since overtaken the concept of classic summer or winter weather. Experts assume that climatic conditions in Germany will change significantly in the coming decades. The forecasts influence both safety thinking within the population and corporate planning in Germany. Companies are challenged by extreme weather conditions in terms of their security management. Not only do systems for fire alarm technology, video surveillance or intrusion alarm technology have to function reliably regardless of temperature: Security managers are looking for solutions that monitor environmental influences that endanger the plant, such as water ingress or critical temperature fluctuations, and automatically report them in risk situations. This significantly increases the demands on corporate security management. Techniques for danger prevention that have already proven - for example through global deployment - that they also function reliably in extreme situations have a clear advantage.

Systems such as Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries: from small installations for companies with a few employees to comprehensive system solutions for large enterprises. The scalable hazard management with the digital control centre system prime SecurityManagement (pSM) from primion, works absolutely reliably even in challenging weather conditions. In addition, primion's security management system is VdS-approved and therefore meets the strict requirements for security systems according to VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH - Europe's largest institute for corporate security.

Centralised security solution works at full speed regardless of weather conditions

A comprehensive security management system not only combines all important components such as access control, fire alarm technology and intrusion protection. The interaction of the individual systems - both indoors and outdoors - must work without interruption, even in demanding climatic conditions. Customers worldwide benefit from the climate-independent functionality of primion solutions. For example, the pSM safety system is used in Serbia, where extreme sub-zero temperatures are common in winter and the highest temperatures in the summer months. Thanks to the primion solution, companies can integrate intelligent security management independently of the weather, platform and system.  

The PSIM software pSM bundles all security systems such as access control as well as intrusion and fire alarm technology. The result: all event messages are monitored on a single interface, a complete overview is available at all times. At the same time, the sensors integrated in the pSM software monitor, among other things, the temperature development in the interior rooms and report immediately if defined maximum values are exceeded.

Just in case: automated processes in emergency situations

Fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control: thanks to PSIM, all trades can be combined into one security network and operated centrally, because every second counts in an emergency! In an emergency, every second counts! Thanks to the centralised security applications, automated processes can be defined that greatly accelerate the response time in dangerous situations, such as a fire. Thus, in the event of a fire in one of the interior rooms or on the outside grounds, the fire alarm system independently controls all further measures via the PSIM software pSM. In-house rescue forces and technical staff as well as rescue services and the fire brigade are alerted and important systems such as the sprinkler system and the building management system are activated.

In the pSM control centre, all data is brought together and visualised on a management interface. Possible scenarios can be defined in advance to automate processes. Manual interventions are supported by corresponding workflow processes. Since the client processes are constantly working online, the information of the individual modules is available to all responsible persons at any time. In addition, all messages and statistics are continuously documented in pSM.

The advantages of a central, scalable and weather-tested hazard management are obvious: Bundled solutions, optimised reaction processes in crisis situations and information security thanks to continuous documentation keep the security-relevant processes in the company up and running - in any weather!

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