Visitor Management Software: Secure Benefits for You and Your Guests

Modern software solutions accelerate and professionalise processes and offer both companies and guests maximum security.

Whether it's a last-minute supplier visit or a planned customer appointment: external visits are part of the daily business of most companies. The task of professional visitor management is to organise them in a targeted manner in order to accelerate the visitor management processes on the one hand and to comply with special security precautions on the other. Digital tools such as primion's visitor management software  prime Visit provide automated workflow scenarios and thus make visitor management in the company a literally secure affair.

Well organised with certainty: Visitor management with modern software

Reliable visitor management and digitalised processes: The Corona pandemic has made it clear how important it can be to be able to trace contact routes seamlessly, quickly and securely. Thanks to professional visitor management software such as prime Visit, companies can easily master the balancing act between maximum security and a warm welcome for guests.

Visits can be organised in a targeted manner thanks to the user-friendly and clearly structured software. Among other things, prime Visit provides an overview of all pre-registered visitors, including the estimated time window. The respective guest automatically receives a confirmation e-mail including a personal message with relevant information and an automatically generated QR code. With this, they can register independently at the kiosk terminal in the company to receive their visitor pass; the host staff member is automatically informed of the visitor's arrival.

In addition to targeted pre-organisation of visits, independent visitor check-in and check-out, and automatic creation of visitor lists, individual data sheets such as safety briefing documents can also be added to each visitor record. The visitor management software reports in good time if a visitor has to go through the safety briefing again, for example.

Sensible with security: Visitor management software linked to access control

Who is in which areas of the company and when? Those responsible in a company must be able to answer this question reliably at all times. prime Visit is scalable to any size of company and can be used either as a stand-alone module or - for maximum security and process optimisation - linked to the access control system. prime Visit assigns temporary access rights to visitors - for example for certain doors within a defined area, for the use of the lift or for access to meeting rooms. As these access rights can be viewed online at any time, complete evacuation lists can be created at any time at the touch of a button in emergency situations - for example, in the event of a possible evacuation. This means that professional visitor management not only saves a lot of time, but in combination with functional access control is an effective means of significantly increasing corporate security.

Reduced workload, reduced waiting times and increased security: Companies that rely on modern visitor management software, specifically link it to other areas such as access control and thus completely digitalise their visitor management, confidently combine professional guest reception with compliance with all protective measures and can thus also master future challenges with confidence!

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