Access Control in Times of the Coronavirus

Protect your employees and visitors from Covid-19

Proven standard components and state-of-the-art thermal technology ensure the protection of your employees and visitors. When temperature is high, the doors stay closed.


Non-contact body temperature measurement

Minimum distances and mouth/nose protection are sometimes not enough.

In public spaces, in companies and especially in critical environments, such as in clinics or in the manufacturing food industry, higher demands are sometimes made.

    At a glance

    • Protect employees from infection
    • Screen visitors for possible infection
    • Protect critical environments from unauthorized access
    • Document traceability without gaps
    • Establish body temperature and access entry tolerances
    • Enable manual approvals
    • Adapt visitor management to the current situation
    • Flexibly adapt your access control requirements in the time after the crisis

    How does the application work?

    Proven standard technology from our own development and manufacturing is complemented by state-of-the-art thermal imaging capabilities.
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    What are the options?

    You choose which system is right for you.
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    And what about after Covid-19?

    Independent from a crisis situation, our solutions are flexible and customizable.
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    Technical information

    Download: Technical details about access control in times of the Coronavirus

    [PDF 456 KB]

    Access rights dependent on Covid certificates

    The prime CertifiedAccess software checks the validity of certificates and updates access rights.
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