Azkoyen Group donates 25,000 Euros for refugees from Ukraine

Azkoyen Group ends business relations with Russia and donates 25,000 Euros to the UN refugee Agency for refugees from Ukraine.

Ukrainian flag

Ukraine in its national colours.

Azkoyen Group announced today that it will cease all activities in Russia and Belarus. primion Technology GmbH in Germany and its European subsidiaries Opertis, GET, Digitek and primion SAS are part of the globally active Azkoyen Group based in Spain.

In an official statement Azkoyen pointed out:

"In light of recent events related to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Spanish technology group Azkoyen has decided to temporarily suspend both its activities and the supply of services and products in Russia and Belarus.

The Azkoyen Group emphasizes that the suspension of activities in both countries is motivated by the seriousness of the conflict in Ukraine and condemns all forms of aggression that violate human rights and threaten people's peaceful existence. It was also decided to donate 25,000 Euros to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency."

Eduardo Unzu, Chairman of the Board of Azkoyen comments:

"The war in Ukraine has shocked and saddened us all. We want to show our support to the Ukrainian people and help reduce the humanitarian impact of the crisis. The situation is visibly deteriorating and becoming more and more unclear. Further developments are hardly predictable. As in any humanitarian crisis, assistance is important and can make a difference in the lives of people affected by the conflict. Azkoyen has therefore decided to donate 25,000 Euros to the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency. The money will be used for protection and humanitarian aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries, including the distribution of emergency aid, basic food, and clothing. With our donation, we join the thousands of gestures of solidarity to help those affected by the war. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who is helping to provide relief from this suffering".

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