Airport Solutions from primion at Frankfurt Airport

primion has been installing for Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport a highly complex security system for several years.

Security solutions for Frankfurt Airport

For anyone who starts their journey at an airport, security is a key issue. At Frankfurt Airport, primion has been working for the airport operators Fraport AG for 12 years, installing a highly complex security system with access control and identification management.

For primion this means conducting installations at the third largest airport in Europe while the airport is in operation, often at night. Around 60 million passengers are being processed each year. In the air freight sector, Frankfurt is actually the biggest in Europe and ranks among the top 10 worldwide. Up to 1,000 freight forwarders, freight airlines, cargo handlers and other service providers work here.

The new applications from primion cover all areas where security plays an essential role. The procedures are transparent, user friendly and stringent. From the very beginning, primion service personnel had to be available 24/7. In situations of the highest priority, they can connect to the affected system remotely within 30 minutes.

Special ID card management system

In 2008 primion has installed an ID card management system, AVS, specially developed for use in the identification process at a European airport, an entry control system, a system for measuring time and attendance, and a gate access system, GAS, specifically developed for the airport. All systems are networked together and communicate with each other. There are many different types of ID cards with individual access authorisations. In the airport identification service centre, applications are entered into the identification management system (AVS), security checks and training sessions are initiated, access rights are granted and ID cards are produced and issued after approval.

Tailor-made access control solutions for Fraport AG

There are areas inside and outside the buildings, on the runway, at the gates and along the fence that encloses the airport site. In accordance with the defined specifications, all these areas, either have to be 100% secured and closed or they have to be open and accessible.
For this purpose, primion has installed around 1,500 access control readers. These readers have been specially configured for Fraport AG to suit individual requirements of over 81,000 people from 70 countries working at Frankfurt airport.

Time and Attendance system for over 20,000 employees

Many different working time models have to be catered for. The working hours of over 20,000 employees of Fraport AG are electroni­cally collected, evaluated and logged. They enter their time into the DT 1000 time recording terminals or into DT 100 terminals with Braille input for the visually impaired. There is an SAP interface to transfer the recorded time data to SAP for payroll calculations and for personnel scheduling.

Gate Access System from primion

All gate processes, taking into account legal requirements such as the Schengen Agreement for example, are managed by the gate management terminal (GMT), which itself is inter­faced to and controlled by the airport’s flight plan application. The majority of the 170 gates are already being managed using primion’s gate access system which is also a bespoke development by primion for Fraport AG. All processes are displayed through the primion Command centre application pSM and can be accessed at any time. In addition, pSM monitors all components such as readers, GMTs, server services and interfaces to external systems in real time. Already in 2006, 46,000 flights were processed by the gate access system – this number is rising, as successive gates are being rolled out.

Airport Solutions from primion

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