Access control & Covid-19: Secure access during and after the pandemic

Modern systems for access control set new long-term security standards in companies, hospitals and the like.

Minimum distance, mouth-nose protection, regular hand washing: The Corona pandemic has had a significant impact on the world of work and private life and has set new hygiene standards. Companies have had to rethink and redefine safety. Interpersonal contact should be prevented, any touching of surfaces such as door handles or switches should be avoided. Whereas before Covid-19 the priority was to reliably protect products and technologies, the pandemic now ensures that health protection for employees, customers and visitors is a top priority.

Well thought-out concepts for systematic access control effectively prevent the virus from spreading further. Systems such as prime WebAccess from primion, for example, make it possible to expand established standard components of access control with the latest thermal technology for contactless temperature measurement and expand them into the comprehensive pSM hazard management system. Positive side effect: reliable protection of sensitive company areas, complete documentation and cost savings by protecting the health of employees in the long term!

Modern access control complemented by high-quality thermal technology

The fact is: an increased body temperature can be the first indication of a possible infection. Identifying this, reacting accordingly and preventing access to the company or to certain areas - this is the task of functional access control in pandemic times. prime WebAccess makes it possible to control the access rights of doors, turnstiles or lifts in a targeted manner. Supplemented by the latest thermal imaging technology, a modular system for access control is available to businesses. All events are documented, can be evaluated at any time and infection chains can be traced. Depending on requirements, access control from primion can be expanded in four stages: from anonymous checks without data collection to the determination of personal data and the automatic blocking of access authorisations.

Special thermal imaging cameras measure the body temperature of all persons who wish to enter the building. If a defined temperature limit is exceeded, the system denies access. The visualisation in the pSM shows the camera image in red or green depending on the detected body temperature. If several people are detected by the camera at the same time, the thermal technology works just as reliably. In the case of red, all access rights for the respective person are automatically blocked. By means of a video stream, the security staff can communicate with the persons concerned and, if necessary, release access - if this has been defined in the workflow.

Access control in times of Covid-19 including contactless temperature measurement is used, for example, at airports or in the entrance areas of public buildings. Companies, hospitals and care facilities also benefit from primion's advanced access control.

Reliable corporate security and long-term employee protection through access control

Flexible access control systems such as prime WebAccess deliver decisive advantages - even after the pandemic. It is not just a matter of protecting material assets and sensitive data: Access control extended to include thermal technology can counteract the widespread problem of employees turning up sick at work. There are no exact figures on the phenomenon known as "presenteeism". But it can be assumed that about 50 per cent of employees in this country go to work sick at least once a year - be it out of supposed loyalty to colleagues, due to a heavy workload or out of fear for their job. This false goodwill has serious consequences: For example, the productivity of employees who are ill is significantly reduced. In addition, illnesses can spread within the workforce and lead to visibly higher absenteeism. These consequences are often worse than when colds, flu and the like are properly cured. Especially in institutions where the protection of patients is at stake, presenteeism can have serious consequences for groups of people who are already ill.

The experience of the Covid-19 pandemic may help employers and employees to be more careful and considerate of both their own health and that of colleagues. In any case, targeted access control and contactless temperature measurement will play a crucial role in counteracting the outbreak of a feverish cold wave and its effects in the company in the future.

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