Support services

24 hour service from primion

Rapid on-site response throughout Germany

Your individual service contract with primion has a lot of benefits, e.g. you have access to our integrated network of service engineers throughout Germany, who can react immediately to your requests, around the clock.

Here's how it works in detail

"Process optimisation" is the motto of the primion Support team. Using the latest technology our engineers, supported by a team of dispatchers, ensure that customer enquiries relating for example to technical processes, operation or installation are responded to rapidly and to everyone's satisfaction.

Around 3000 customers around the world are cared for by the Support department, both on the telephone as on-site. Each month, our friendly and helpful dispatchers handle some 1200 calls on
+49 7573 952777 and about 800 e-mails sent to This doesn't include direct enquiries from our engineers.

The best professional advice

As many details as possible about the call are recorded and entered against a so-called ticket in our own-developed Technical project management system and then assigned to a member of the support team who specialises in the corresponding area. This has the benefit that the customer gets a solution in the shortest possible time that is tailored to his enquiry.

Following agreement with the customer and subject to adherence to the strictest security regulation, the latest diagnostics tools enable our support staff to have remote access to the live systems and carry out the necessary work. The customer can break off the connection at any time.

Hand-in-hand with the service department

If the member of the support team can't deal with an enquiry on the telephone, it is forwarded to the service department. There, an engineer who specialises in the corresponding area is assigned to resolve the situation on-site.

Fast reaction times are called for

In urgent cases, an SMS is sent to the engineer's mobile phone so that he can react in the shortest possible time. Members of the support team also visit customers in special cases to help them. Alongside the regular in-house training courses, this customer-focus reinforces the team's understanding of their important role.

Optimum working conditions

Our team of highly-trained support staff have the best possible working conditions, in a building next to the primion Technology headquarters that was taken over back in 2008. Shielded from the daily hubbub of the office, they work in bright, newly-renovated offices. And they have one more advantage: They are right next to the primion staff restaurant!