Visitor Management

Visitor management: fast and clear with prime Visit

Using the modern software prime Visit for visitor management, an easy and fast registration and management of visitors to your business is possible. Whether they are business partners, service providers or craftsmen – the different requirements are displayed in a flexible and user-friendly way.

prime Visit is useful, when:

  • the access to a defined area, which is limited in time, needs to be monitored
  • the visitor’s activities during his stay need to be traceable
  • possible damages need to be limited
  • internal and legal regulations must be observed

Compared to the management of visitors or groups of visitors by using lists, prime Visit offers many advantages:

  • The management is extremely easy.
  • The status of who is currently in the building can be called up at any time.
  • Data can be traced and evaluated historically.
  • The registration of visitors is carried out within only a few minutes, in a user-friendly way, e.g. via QR code, which the visitor has received via Outlook.
  • The system is intuitive and user-friendly.

prime Visit also allows for:

  • The creation of lists of all present visitors
  • Tracking of applied access rights within the defined area
  • Searching for certain people and their location
  • Connecting to different access control systems within one business
  • Fast evacuation in the case of an emergency by knowing how many people are present
  • Previous registration of visitors or visitor group via Web or Outlook
  • Creation of an automatic invitation process with answer options
  • Quick Check In via barcode
  • Connecting to hardware components such as the QR code scanner, identification document scanner, check in terminal, etc.

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