Visitor Management

prime Visit

prime Visit facilitates the registration and administration of visitors within a company's building or premises. A visitor is defined as being someone who is not registered as an a employee of the company or someone who is not there on a permanent basis. prime Visit is available in seven languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Serbian and Danish.

It makes sense to deploy the prime Visit software if:

  • Time-limited access to a defined area has to be monitored
  • Activities during the time that a visitor is on site have to be traceable
  • Opportunities for possible misconduct or damage have to be limited
  • Internal or statutory regulations have to be adhered to

prime Visit offers numerous benefits in comparison to manually maintained visitor records:

  • Administration is very straightforward
  • The status of on-site visitors can be queried at all times
  • Historic data can be traced back and evaluated
  • prime Visit can be linked to the access control system
  • Visitor registration can be completed within just a few minutes by using a card scanner or a QR code sent in advance by e-mail to the visitor, for example
  • The system is intuitive and user-friendly

In addition prime Visit also enables:

  • The generation of lists of on-site visitors
  • The tracking of applied access authorisations within the defined area
  • The search for specific persons and where they are currently located
  • The link to different access control systems within a company
  • Rapid evacuation in an emergency through knowledge about how many people are on site
  • Advance registration of visitors and visitor groups via the Internet or Outlook
  • Generation of an automatic invitation process with reply option
  • "Express check-in" using barcode
  • Connection to hardware components such as QR code scanners, ID card scanners, check-in kiosks, etc.

Optional accessories

Access control

Connection to the Access control system with prime WebSystems

Document scanner

Photo of primion document scanner

Interface and scanner for checking all official documents with MRZ code

Kiosk model

Photo of primion Kiosk model document scanner

Fast, fully-automatic scanner for checking official documents. Ideal for integration in a self-service kiosk. Optimum OCR result, even with laminated documents.

Desktop module

Photo of primion desktop scanner for visitor management

Powerful desktop scanner with different light sources. Ideal for the rapid reading of data into prime Visit.

Free-standing tablet display

Photo of primion free-standing tablet display for visitor management

Robust, free-standing tablet kiosk system for visitor self-registration. High-quality appearance, with different height options. Supports the Surface Pro 2 tablet from Microsoft.