Time & Attendance recording

Time recording from primion

prime WebTime

prime WebTime for modern Time recording is modular, secure and flexible, and expandable at any time.

Modern Time recording delivers all the information you need Staff presence and absence times are recorded and evaluated with prime WebTime. The worked time is evaluated and transferred to the Payroll accounting department for processing. The recorded data can be used as a basis for statistics and reports and using the Project time recording module, can be used to calculate project costings, for example. The monitoring of staff time usage, the appropriate assignment and booking of that time and the switching of staff between different time models can all be managed transparently.

With prime WebTime, you will be able to handle different requirements, e.g. Flexible working time, Annual working times, Life time working times, Shift planning, Manpower planning, Vacation planning

Different countries have different requirements and a comprehensive range of expansion modules is available. Interfaces to wages and salaries programs ensure the calculation of hours that attract additional payment such as overtime and working at nights, weekends and on public holidays and their transfer to the appropriate system.

Connection to an Access control system

It can be integrated with an Access control system at any time In this way, accessing the company's premises can also signal the start of working time, as for example in the case of first responders. Time bookings can be made at dedicated time recording terminals, through a PC or using the prime MobileApp for Smartphones, for Field workforce staff for example.

Presence overview

Presence status can be shown in prime WebTime as a list or through an on-screen or hardware display panel. As well as making bookings or checking time accounts, e.g. vacation balances ,through dedicated time recording terminals, employees can also book through their mobile phones or online through a PC, including the use of user-based workflows. This can reduce the need for the HR department to make manual interventions.

Comprehensive standard reports are available in various formats. Thanks to the wide range of interfaces available, prime Web Time facilitates the integration of Time recording into existing IT landscapes. Further interfaces to wages and salary programs such as DATEV or Soft Research are also available.

ADT 1200 – Advanced Data Terminal 1200

ADT1200 terminal for time recording

Modular, easy-to-install multi-functional time recording terminal that supports the latest proximity technologies such as LEGIC advant®, MIFARE® DESFIRE® EV1 or HITAG. With 7” Touch Display. The LED light bar signals various booking states, such as bookings that were accepted or rejected by the system. Attractive, design-oriented and user-friendly GUI with options for personalised design. The sequence in which the different booking types are shown can be defined through prime WebSystems. The modular concept facilitates rapid and low-effort servicing and maintenance. With TCP/IP on board as standard, the device can be seamlessly integrated into existing network topologies.

Our short product video shows the design terminal and its modular construction

ADT 1100 - Advanced Data Terminal 1100

Picture of ADT 1100 terminal for time recording

The modern time recording terminal ADT 1100 impresses with its simple design and high-quality aluminium frame. The highlight is the large 7" display with its capacitive touch which predestines the terminals for simple and intuitive operation. The easy-to-clean real glass front is cleanly enclosed in the compact design and surrounded by a high-quality aluminium frame. In the field of reading technology, the latest RFID technologies such as LEGIC advant® and MIFARE® DESFire® are supported. The ADT 1100 is also able to take over a pkt master reader function. The network integration of the data terminals takes place as standard via the integrated Gigabit Ethernet module. This makes the ADT 1100 ideal for both new and existing installations where existing equipment needs to be replaced. Depending on the situation leave on site The Advanced Data Terminals are powered either by an integrated power supply unit (100 - 240 V AC) or simply and conveniently via Power over Ethernet (PoE+). The user interface of the ADT 1100 can be adapted by the customer according to his needs. The primion host software prime WebSystems can be used, among other things, to adjust the sequence of booking types. Thanks to meaningful symbols for the various booking types, every user can immediately find his way around the time recording device.

DT 100 (FP)

DT100 terminal for time recording systems

For all Time recording applications, with or without fingerprint module. Up to 2000 credential records can be stored in the terminal's internal memory. Compact construction, carefully crafted installation techniques, ergonomic foil keypad with key click and clear icons. Time account queries and arrive/depart bookings also possible in offline mode. Developed for a long working life. Minimal service costs.