Time & Attendance

Time recording - No more mountain of paperwork

prime WebTime, the Time recording system for your individual requirements increases the operating efficiency of your company. Easing the workload on the HR department, providing data that can be individually evaluated and significantly reducing paperwork, give clarity and oversight.

Who is present? Who is sick or visiting a client or on vacation? How much overtime has been worked? A wide range of working models and reporting options is available.

SAP HRPDC certified interface

Integration into wages and salary programmes simplifies payroll calculations and saves time. Connections to a Workforce planning module reduce the effort required for effective staff planning. Allowing staff the possibility of checking their own time accounts at a terminal, a PC or a smartphone cuts out many routine enquiries and saves valuable time for HR. You have access to all information at all times. Connection to Access control or to a Security system through a common database optimises transparency. Our Time recording software has a certified SAP HRPDC interface.