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Electronic Time recording - efficient, quick and non-bureaucratic

What the judgment of the European Court of Justice on time recording means for you

Who is present, who is sick, visiting a client or on holiday? How many overtime hours have been worked?

There are many scenarios in which electronic time recording is of great use and, thanks to secure electronic data recording, represents a noticeable relief for the personnel department. With the help of our time recording software prime WebTime, HR can use individually evaluable data and thus not only achieve meaningful results, but at the same time massively reduce confusing and large stacks of paper.

Innovative, traceable and efficient: Workflow scenarios simplify the processes in your company and create additional evaluation options. The time of clocks is over. Once the modern and up-to-date time recording system has been implemented, it automatically runs in parallel.

What the judgment of the ECJ on time recording means for you

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled that recording working hours will become mandatory for employers in the EU. This judgment does not yet have any direct effect, but Germany is obliged to implement this requirement. It is not yet possible to predict when this will happen. With an appropriate time recording system, however, you are already equipped now and in the future. The ECJ already signalled at the pronouncement of the ruling that the member states would have room for manoeuvre in the implementation and that the peculiarities of certain sectors and jobs would thus also be taken into account.

At present, however, the old legal situation still applies: employers must document the start, duration and end of their employees' working hours, particularly with regard to the Minimum Wage Act and the Posting of Employees Act. Those who already think long-term and rely on a software for the recording of working hours will save themselves time and money as soon as the laws in Germany officially require this.

Time recording software from primion

Not only the actual working time recorded at the terminal, but also other functions in our time recording software are at your disposal - such as the electronic application for holidays or the administration of overtime or flexitime compensation. Since all hours are recorded automatically and electronically, the time-consuming and error-prone check by your personnel department is no longer necessary. In addition, you can not only enter the actual status, but also use realistic planning options based on the data situation. 

Thanks to primion's electronic time recording system, both staff and employers can rely on exact, logical and fair hourly billing. Your human resources department can concentrate on the essential tasks without losing track of a tangle of documents and applications.

We have developed prime Connect as an interface to provide a reliable interface between SAP and the time recording software. Thus we can offer you holistic solutions for the recording of working hours.

SAP HR-PDC interface as an important link in time recording

Interfaces in SAP systems are an important link for payroll accounting, because the implementation of the HR-PDC interface prime Connect guarantees the calculation of hours that attract additional payment, such as overtime and working at nights, weekends and on public holidays and allows the direct and automatic transfer of this data to the SAP system. 

Time recording from primion | Your advantages at a glance:

  • working time recording
  • determination of times subject to surcharges
  • evaluation of working time, absence time, vacation time
  • flexitime management
  • automated workflow scenarios

Benefit from an optimized workflow, avoid incorrect manual time recording and relieve your personnel department with automated, electronic processes.

Benefit from efficient time recording and electronic solutions from primion!

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