Time & Attendance

Mobile Time recording in home offices

User-friendly solutions for special times!

Electronic Time recording for companies

Electronic time recording systems like our prime WebTime represent, thanks to secure electronic data recording, a noticeable relief for the personnel department.

Innovative, traceable and efficient: Workflow scenarios simplify the processes in your company and create additional evaluation options.

What the judgment of the ECJ on time recording means for you

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled that recording working hours will become mandatory for employers in the EU. This judgment does not yet have any direct effect. At present, the old legal situation still applies: employers must document the start, duration and end of their employees' working hours that go beyond the daily regular working time.

But Germany is obliged to implement this requirement. It is not yet possible to predict when this will happen. With an appropriate time recording system, however, you are already equipped now and in the future.

Time recording software from primion

Not only the actual working time recorded at the terminal, but also other functions in our time recording software are at your disposal - such as the electronic application for holidays or the administration of overtime or flexitime compensation.

Thanks to primion's electronic time recording system, both staff and employers can rely on exact, logical and fair hourly billing.

SAP HR-PDC interface as an important link in time recording

The HR-PDC interface prime Connect to SAP is an important link for payroll accounting, because it guarantees   the calculation of hours that attract additional payment, such as overtime and working at nights, weekends and on public holidays.

Benefit from efficient time recording and electronic solutions from primion!