SAP HR-PDC interface

SAP interface as an important link in time recording

Significant reduction of the workload in HR through integration in payroll programmes

SAP system interfaces are an important link for payroll calculations. prime Connect, the SAP HR-PDC interface from primion, guarantees the calculation of hours that attract additional payment, such as overtime and working at nights, weekends and on public holidays and the direct transfer of this data to the SAP system.

Normally, time data is processed directly in the software. By deploying the interface, the SAP Time recording module, where all the calculations are done and where rights such as booking authorisations are stored, is designated as the primary system.

The connected hardware, time recording terminals, serve as so-called “transaction collectors”. Additional interfaces, such as Loga Paris, when working in SAP Mode, allow for the exchange of data that result from full-day absences such as vacation or sickness. Specific uploads and downloads are available: the SAP system transmits the data to the time recording software. The staff transaction data at the time recording terminals are checked there and on request, they are uploaded to the SAP system and processed there.

Download is done over an encrypted RFC connection in IDOC format. prime Connect establishes the RFC connection between the time recording software and SAP. This services logs on over TCP/IP and the port on the SAP Gateway. The port number is aligned with the SAP system number. The setup of the connection parameters is done in the prime Connect Administrator module. The RFC connection logging is done in a log file in the same folder where the primeConnect.jar file is stored.

Possible downloads from SP to primion are, for example, mini-master data records. These are written into a table and include person data such as Personnel number, Badge number, Name, Validity period together with references to other tables, such as the Time event type groups.

Time event type groups contain the booking authorisation for individual time events, for instance, whether a person from this group can make a business booking. There are ten different fields in the employee time balances table, which if required, can be displayed at the terminals after a booking has been made or can be called up through a defined key combination. In addition, there is a table of possible cost centres that can be transferred to SAP and a list of internal orders and a table of projects.

The SAP Time recording module recognises bookings such as “Depart with reason Break”, etc. Presence and absence reasons are also written to a table, in the same way as objects such as Positions. As SAP is the primary system, time events are only transferred from the sub-system to SAP on request. But they are of course documented as well.

A processing task triggers these tables and imports the data records into the existing SAP_HRPDC tables, e.g. SAP_HRPDC_PERSO. What is important is that in the Settings groups, only those data records are processed that should be processed, according to Source Sys. The successful handshake between the prime Connect Web service and the Processing task is logged in the Processing task log file.

Then the time events are processed in line with the authorisations and options defined through SAP. Only persons who are authorised through their assigned Time event type group, can create transactions. Also, only objects, cost centres, internal orders or presence and absence reasons that have previously been transferred to SAP can be booked.

Time events that have been generated through a Workflow scenario or through an online booking using prime Mobile or a Web interface for example, can also now be processed with prime Connect. These time events are checked initially at the booking level. They are simply checked following approval by the manager and later rejected by the SAP task if the person placing the request is not authorised through the corresponding time event group.


prime Connect stores the data records that are transferred between SAP and the time recording software in a database. The service also executes the uploads to SAP and accepts the downloads from SAP. prime Connect displays this data and facilitates the parametrisation of the settings.

The prime Connect Administrator application:

  • Creates connections to SAP and displays the upload/download data
  • Manages static text for use on the terminal displays and for online bookings 
  • Manages mail texts that can be assigned to selectable persons through a code. These are special texts that are used with bookings instead of the standard texts
  • Defines the priority of response texts depending on the booking type
  • Can display all the upload/download tables in a raw format in lists
  • Enables the time-limited display of result data such as log book, uploads/downloads, bookings and person outputs