How does the non-contact measurement of body temperature work?

Cameras record the body temperature

A special camera with thermal technology is installed at the access point within a building. Every person who passes this point is automatically detected by the camera and their body temperature is measured. If the body temperature exceeds a certain value, access is automatically blocked by the system. The threshold value of the body temperature, which controls the access authorization, can be set individually.

Manual unlocking possible

The situation on site at the camera's detection point can be followed on screen via live video stream. The security staff can also activate access manually, provided this option has been defined in a workflow beforehand. The workflow enables an optimal evaluation of the acute situation. All message details such as the camera image and the reason for the message up to the graphical representation, e.g. of a building floor plan, are immediately displayed live.

Threshold value freely definable

During the automated measurement of the previously defined body temperature, the hazard management system psm2200 from primion clearly indicates whether the threshold value is being maintained. On the screen surface, the recorded camera image lights up either green or red. If it is red, all access rights within the building that have been granted to this person are automatically blocked.

Evaluations are seamlessly logged

The graphical representation makes sense especially if several access points for recording the body temperature are installed. It also facilitates zone management for access authorizations. In a logbook, all processes are documented in a completely traceable manner and are available for further evaluation.