How can I continue to use the primion system flexibly even after Covid-19?

Our flexibly scalable solutions also offer valuable and important support for the time "after Covid-19" in the daily work routine. The control of access authorisations in the respective environments and the traceability, e.g. of visitors or external service providers, massively increases the efficiency of the internal processes.

At the highest level of expansion, the psm2200 hazard management system can bundle and display all safety-related trades on a single platform.

This makes administration, control and overview much easier. At the same time, safety is increased many times over.

The flexible psm2200 hazard management system

When danger is imminent, every second counts: Sensors react, fire doors close, escape routes open, emergency services are alerted.

All this is controlled fully automatically by the prime Security Management control centre system, psm2200 for short. The entire spectrum of security technology applications, such as access control, building and fire protection technology or video surveillance, can be combined into a security network and centrally operated by psm2200.

Manage, control and document all applications on one interface

All safety-related applications in

  • Access control
  • Visitor management
  • Fire alarm technology
  • Burglar alarm technology
  • Building Management System
  • Escape route technology
  • Video surveillance

are displayed on one surface. This provides a complete overview and increases security.

The security personnel have a complete overview at all times and can react in seconds in an emergency:

  • Sensors react
  • Alarms are triggered
  • Fire protection doors close
  • Escape routes open
  • Rescue teams are alerted

Comprehensive documentation guarantees traceability and evaluations are possible at any time.