Access Control in times of coronavirus

Access Control in times of coronavirus: Protect employees and visitors from Covid-19!

In case of fever the doors remain closed!

Proven standard components and state-of-the-art thermal technology ensure the protection of your employees and visitors.

Contact-free body temperature measurement

Minimum distances and a face mask are sometimes not enough: in public spaces, in companies and especially in critical environments, such as hospitals or in the producing food industry, sometimes higher demands are made.

With our systems you can:

  • Protect your employees from infections
  • Check visitors for possible infection
  • Reliably protect critical environments from unauthorized access
  • Completely document traceability
  • Set a threshold for body temperature and access
  • Enable manual releases
  • Adapt your visitor management to the current conditions
  • Flexible implementation of your access control requirements even after Covid-19

At a glance:

  • Cameras record body temperature
  • The camera image shows the body temperature
  • The security staff decides manually on the access
  • Or: The system automatically locks the access
  • All processes are completely logged
  • Evaluations are possible at any time
  • Traceability is guaranteed

The way it works: Reliable and user-friendly!

You get maximum security with the highest level of comfort for all involved. Tried and tested standard technology from our own development and production is supplemented by the latest possibilities of thermal imaging. Find out more here!

The different expansion stages: You decide!

You decide which system is right for you. There are different expansion stages and options. Click here to find out more!

The possibilities: Before, during and after Covid-19

Regardless of the current crisis situation, the solutions from primion can generally be used flexibly and individually adapted to your needs at any time. We explain how: Click here now!