PSIM – Phyical Security Information Management: psm2200

Our psm2200 PSIM controls and monitors the complete spectrum of security-critical applications in access control, building management, fire detection and video surveillance.

psm2200 brings these applications together in one security network, enabling a complete overview at all times: product video

When danger is imminent, every second counts

  • Detectors react
  • Alarms are triggered
  • Fire doors close
  • Escape routes are opened up
  • The emergency services are notified

Protection around the clock 

Data supplied by security or building management systems is integrated and visualised in a central, uniform GUI, using bi-directional interfaces. The resulting scenarios can be defined in advance as automated processes, e.g. notifying the emergency services. If required, manual interventions can be supported through individual Workflow scenarios, for example, who within the company needs to be notified about which alarms.

All advantages at a glance

psm2200 ensures optimal protection around the clock, because it:

  • Optimises reaction processes
  • Is upward scalable at all times
  • Reduces the number of human interfaces
  • Minimises delays and information losses
  • Guarantees the continuation of business processes
  • Archives messages and statistics
  • Provides the necessary documentation
  • Can be modified to conform with a customer CD/CI
  • Is adaptable to internal corporate processes

All client processes work permanently online and relevant process information is available for processing at all times so there is no need for client databases. This reduces investment costs. Online client updating works with the click of a mouse button. Operators are always working with the latest version.

Certified security

psm2200 hazard management System of primion Technolgy GmbH has been awarded VdS approval in accordance with VdS 3534. Within the framework of this approval, the conformity of partial requirements with the examination principles of DIN EN 50518-2 (Alarm Receiving Centres) was also checked and confirmed. These are sections 4, 6.1, 8.1, 8.2, 8.4 and 9 for the requirements applicable to a GMS software.